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Trap Card
Present Thief.png
Steals all the cards from the first player to step on the trap. Gives all the stolen cards to the second player to step on the trap.
3 ☆
0 ★
3 per Deck
Uncommon Card
"These do no good!" —Niko

Present Thief is a 3-star trap card that can be triggered twice before being removed from the board. The first time it is triggered, the hand of the victim is taken by the trap. The second player to trigger the trap then receives the stolen cards.


Present Thief is a trickier to use alternative to Tragedy in the Dead of Night. While Tragedy is much safer to use and does not require two activations to function, it only steals one cards as opposed to the entire hand like Present Thief. Present Thief can be placed on the player's own  Home panel in order to protect it from players that would try to place traps there or would try to steal the supposed  Piggy Bank set there. The player can then return to their  Home and collect the cards. Mei is a great user of Present Thief, as she can both use it for its intended purpose, or trigger it herself to easily obtain  Red & Blue. If the player is extremely lucky, they may even be able to obtain multiple copies of  Red & Blue by storing one in the trap, then circling back around the board to collect it. Store Manager can also take advantage if this trap's hand-emptying effects to clear his hand of unwanted cards if three  Flamethrowers are not enough.

Due to it's unpredictable nature as a trap card, Present Thief can be tough to pull off correctly. It can be difficult to get the right opponent to land on it at the right time. If a player with no cards in their hand triggers Present Thief, it is effectively wasted. Alternatively, If the player manages to get their hand stolen by Present Thief, they risk giving their entire hand to an opponent. It faces competition for deck slots with Tragedy in the Dead of Night, as this card can never harm the player if they are the one to set it and give the player its card immediately.