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Boost Card
President's Privilege.png
Effect Duration: 1 chapter
You may play cards without paying their cost. You may play 1 additional card this turn.
4 ☆
10 ★
3 per Deck
DeckPointsIcon.png 2
Common Card
"There you guys are... Come to the Student Council Office after school, will you?" —Himeji

President's Privilege, is one of the most powerful boost cards in the game and is the best friend of almost any character with an expensive hyper card. While its 4-star level requirement is high, its effect and cheap activation price more than makes up for it, enabling the player to use the strongest and most expensive cards for the cheap price of 10 stars.

Strategic Info[]

President's Privilege has one purpose and one purpose only, to help the player destroy the opponent in the late game, and as a result, the card is a staple in many decks. Expensive hyper cards like  Magical Massacre,  Accelerator,  Melting Memories,  Overseer,  Air Strike,  x16 Big Rocket, and other high price tag cards such as  Sealed Guardian,  Little War, and  Star-Blasting Light can have their massive costs reduced substantially, affording much easier and frequent deployment. Unsurprisingly, the card can also be used to great effect with various battle cards such as  Final Battle and  Accel Hyper allowing the player to save large amounts of stars and surprise the opponent under the right circumstances. It should also be noted that President's Privilege works on all the following cards the player uses after it's activation, which means the player can create a deadly expensive combo using an event and a battle card for cheap in a single turn. Sealed Guardian and Little War, as stated previously, are perfect for most combo plays, as most characters have either a battle, boost, or event hyper card that can be used before or after one of them.

Overall, President's Privilege is the best method of reducing costs, however, the card is not for every character or deck. Characters with hyper cards that are extremely low star cost have little use for the card, as the card is generally used to get around high card costs. Characters with hypers such as Hime's  Binding Chains, Alte's  Self-Destruct, and Ceoreparquea's  Witch's Hair Lock, have virtually no reason to have the card in their deck unless they need it for a combo with other cards in their deck. This, however, runs the risk that a player with a high-cost hyper will draw it and use it against the player. As a result, the player should think about whether the card is crucial to their success, and if it's not, no copy needs to be brought.

Extra Notes[]

  • If  Another Ultimate Weapon is activated while under the effect of President's Privilege, it will result in the player only receiving +1 attack and defense. This is because President's Privilege will prevent the player from paying the additional cost for the additional boost.
  • If President's Privilege is activated while the player is using  Price of Power, President's Privilege will override the price increase of Price of Power. This means the card played after President's Privilege will still be free of charge, however, playing President's Privilege will cost an addition 5 stars.
  • President's Privilege can negate the cost of  Ransom Note entirely. The boss will also gain no star if discarded this way.