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Gift Card
Price of Power.png
You may play cards one level higher than your current level. All card costs are increased by 5. This card is discarded on use.
1 ☆
0 ★
1 per Deck
DeckPointsIcon.png 5
Price of Power Symbol.png
Rare Card
"Even if I survive the war... With this body, there's nothing I can do." ―Nath

Price of Power is a rather situational gift card that can be used to great effect under the right conditions. When held, the card enables the player to use cards from the next level for a small price increase of 5 stars. The player should be aware, however, that as the title implies, the effect comes with a price. As long as the gift card is in the player's hand, it will detriment the player by causing all card costs to be increased by 5 stars, including cards the player does fulfill the norma level requirement for.

Strategic Info[]

Price of Power is a unique gift card that, while not innately powerful, can be for the right character in the right situation. As to be expected, the primary use of the card is enabling the player to use cards they don't have the norma required for yet. Assuming the player already has a decent supply of stars but is simply behind on the norma, the card can open the door to many card opportunities and is often best used during norma 2-3. Many hyper cards become usable at level 3 and the ability to access the cards at level 2 can be extremely helpful for giving the player a leg up. Characters like Alte can catch opponents by surprise by using  Self-Destruct at level 2, and Saki can place a  Big Bang Bell on the board before she normally would be as well. In more general terms, the card excels at by giving access to the strongest cards available. This includes battle cards like  Accel Hyper and  Shield Counter, which can come in handy early on to get the player out of a difficult situation, or other cards such as  Little War and  Pudding which can all the player to recover or start attacking full force from level 3-4. The effect also pairs very nicely with certain character attributes. In particular, Nath can use Price of Power to excellent effect, as it will open her to more battle cards sooner, as many of them are level 2 or 4, and as a result, enable her passive to stack much faster. Price of Power is also a unique gift in the fact that it will not drop on KO and doesn't prevent the player from receiving norma on  Home panels. As a result, the card is considered one of the best gifts to pair with Tsih's passive, enabling her to have a constant +2 attack unless forced to drop the card.

While useful to some, Price of Power's main disadvantage is that it can be completely useless to others. Characters with low-level hypers do not need the card at all, and with the exception of Tsih and Nath, most players that start with the card on chapter 1 will often discard it quickly to prevent it from draining more stars from them when they choose to use a card. The card also becomes virtually useless once the player reaches norma 4, since only one card,  Sealed Guardian, naturally requires level 5 to use.

Extra Notes[]

  • If  President's Privilege is activated while the player is using Price of Power, President's Privilege will override the price increase of Price of Power. This means the card played after President's Privilege will still be free of charge.
  • Cards with scaling effects such as  x16 Big Rocket,  Cooking Time, and  Extended Photon Rifle do not behave as if the user is higher leveled while holding Price of Power.
  • Price of Power does not work in tandem with Suguri (46 Billion Years)'s passive ability, as the player cannot pay double the cost of nothing.
  • The card itself when discarded via playing costs 5 stars. There's no cost if discarded in other ways.
  •  Santa's Job doesn't take Price of Power into account in terms of "Usable Card Level".