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Price of Power is a rather situational card, that can be used to great effect if in the right setting. With the ability to use cards from the next level for a small price increase of 5 stars, the card can enable a player to begin using their strongest cards and making powerful plays at a low level. The player should be aware however that, as the title implies, the effect comes with a price. As long as the gift card is in the players hand, it will detriment the player by causing all card costs to be increased by 5 stars, including cards the player does fulfill the level requirement for.

One of the card's main uses is enabling the player to use a battle card of higher level sooner, such as  Accel Hyper and  Shield Counter. The stronger battle cards can easily take an opponent by surprise or get the player out of a difficult situation. Other cards such as  Little War,  Pudding, and  Sealed Guardian can also benefit greatly by allowing the player recover or start attacking full force early on.

The effect also pairs very nicely with particular character hypers and abilities. In particular, Nath can use Price of Power to excellent effect, as it will open her to more battle cards sooner, as many of them are level 2 or 4, and as a result enable her passive to stack much faster. In general, characters with hypers that require level 3 or higher for usage may want to consider bringing Price of Power so they have more opportunities to play them. Characters like Alte can catch opponents by surprise by  Self-Destruct at level 2; Saki can place a  Big Bang Bell on the board before she hits level 3; and Star Breaker may benefit as well, as she does not care about keeping stars and will be able to start using her hyper sooner to catch more opponents.

Extra Note

  • If  President's Privilege is activated while the player is using Price of Power, President's Privilege will override the price increase of Price of Power. This means the card played after President's Privilege will still be free of charge.