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Proof of the Pudding.jpg Proof of the Pudding
Complete Star Breaker's campaign on Normal difficulty or higher (DLC7)

Proof of the Pudding is a Steam achievement in 100% Orange Juice. It is one of 8 achievements included within DLC 7.



  • Star Breaker is unique in that she can only select win normas, so much of your games as her will be spent in pursuit of CPU characters, maximizing use of battle tiles and Battlefield event, and a good deal in recovery from counterattacks. As such, good cards for her include  Dash! or  Lonely Chariot (DLC3) for pursuit purposes,  Assault,  Invasion, or  Piyopiyo Procession (DLC3) for the extra potential wins,  Big Magnum or  I'm on Fire! to bring down high hp targets, and  Extend to get right back on their tail.  Forced Revival and  Ambush(DLC3) also have tactical usefulness but won't always see opportunities for practical use each match. Her hyper,  Star Blasting Fuse, is excellent but its random nature makes seeking draw panels or cards just to find one, often not worth it. She is not a hyper-dependent character, per se.
  • The player can use any unlocked characters to complete the campaign, as the character can be switched before the match starts. This enables the player to switch to a sturdier character or one they are more comfortable with.
  • A prominently featured character across Star Breaker's campaign is Sora (Military), who has a very exploitable passive of reviving every lost battle instantly, at half hp. Following and chain-KO'ing her will often pay off.

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