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Pudding Pack
Pudding Pack.png
Pack Information
  Symbol   Pack7icon.png
  Pack Price   320★
  Patch Added   2.6
DLC Information
  DLC   24
  DLC Price   $1.99

Pudding Pack is the seventh card pack available in 100% Orange Juice. The pack is the twenty fourth DLC in the game and was the third DLC card pack released for the game. It was released October 28, 2019. The Pudding Pack is the fourth most expensive pack out of all the packs in the game. The pudding set itself contains the third largest amount of cards, behind the Base Pack and equal to the Acceleration Pack, with 12 collectible cards: 3 rares, 4 uncommons, and 5 commons. In total the pack adds 3 battle cards, 2 boost cards, 3 event cards, 2 gift cards, and 2 trap cards. Similar to the Base Pack, the cards feature a wide range of designs by multiple illustrators.



Sink or Swim.pngSink or Swim.png  Serious Battle.pngSerious Battle.png  Portable Pudding.pngPortable Pudding.png          
Sweet Destroyer.pngSweet Destroyer.png  Backdoor Trade.pngBackdoor Trade.png        
Serene Hush.pngSerene Hush.png  Unpaid Work.pngUnpaid Work.png  Indiscriminate Fire Support.pngIndiscriminate Fire Support.png          
Lucky Charm.pngLucky Charm.png  Metallic Monocoque.pngMetallic Monocoque.png        
I Wanna See You.pngI Wanna See You.png  Encore.pngEncore.png