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For the alternate version of this character, see: QP (Dangerous)

QP (きゅーぴー Kyūpī) is one of the four starting characters in 100% Orange Juice!, that the player can select when creating a new save file. She originates from the game QP Shooting in which she was the main character.




A carefree dog girl with a deep love of pudding, QP is a jack of all trades character with perfectly neutral stats across the board. QP features an HP stat of 5, no modifiers to her attack, defense, or evade stats, and no passive ability. Due to the middling stats QP has, she struggles in many aspects of fighting others, however having a 0 DEF stat alongside an HP of 5 does allow her to take a stray hit from a majority of the cast most of the time. QP's main advantage is her very good hyper  Hyper Mode allowing her to put on some offensive presence with +2 attack for when you need to KO others as well as, negating any gain from KOing her. A very positive analysis of this hyper will lead players to the conclusion that decking  Big Magnum will net an 11 potential Magnums in the deck alongside her hyper.

QP's greatest weakness, however, like most jack of all trades, she is a master of none. Without any stat modifier, she does not particularly excel at anything especially attacking others. Alongside this lack of attack stat, while QP can take a few punches, she typically does not punch back very hard, making constant combats with her quite frequent. It is best for QP to be played passively until either a battle card or her hyper card is drawn and the situation calls for it. It is also advisable that QP should stay away from  Boss panels.


Like most characters in the cast, QP should generally aim for star norma and play passively unless either provoked or the opportunity to KO an opponent presents itself. The player will want to focus mainly on  Bonus panels and ensure they have at least 1 copy of Hyper Mode for the late game if they can, especially to handle the Boss encounters if she is currently in the lead, or to KO a player while she is behind.


+Powerful and diverse Hyper
+Good defensive stats
-Bad offensive stats
-Card reliant