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For the alternate version of this character, see: QP (Dangerous)

QP (きゅーぴー Kyūpī) is one of the four starting characters in 100% Orange Juice!, that the player can select when creating a new save file. She originates from the game QP Shooting in which she was the main character.




A carefree dog girl with a deep love of pudding, QP is a jack of all trades character with perfectly neutral stats across the board. QP features an HP stat of 5, no modifiers to her attack, defense, or evade stats, and no passive ability. As a result, QP has no specific niche to serve; she is neither an offensive nor defensive character and has no apparent strength or weakness besides being totally average. This gives QP multiple advantages in that her health is high enough to support combat with most opponents and  Encounter panels. She can also protect her stars from opponents without worrying about having to rely on either her defense or evasion stat, like most characters which favor one or the other. Further, since QP does not favor any particular playstyle, she can benefit from virtually any card as she does not have an exploitable weakness. The player is free to use any card they find and use it to their advantage if they can. QP can take advantage of almost any battle card to help her fighting potential including both  Rbits and Rainbow-Colored Circle and is one of the few characters with full immunity to  Reverse Attribute Field. Last, QP also benefits from one of the most unusual hypers in the game, that grants her three abilities that enable her both to fight, protect herself, and get back to the game.

QP's greatest strength of being average is also her greatest weakness, however, like most jack of all trades, she is a master of none. Without any stat modifier, the player's luck is completely random, with no "expected" performance. As such, the player cannot rely on any of her stats to perform in a certain way; no additional attack points and no additional defensive or evasion abilities like Suguri or Fernet for example. The player may go down quick or be very difficult to KO based on their unmodified dice rolls. Consequently, it may be best for QP to be played passively until either a battle card or her hyper card is drawn. It is also advisable that QP should stay away from  Boss panels until she has either, as well, as the possibility of a 7 attack roll against her has the possibility of finishing her in one attack.


Like most characters in the cast, QP should generally aim for star norma and play passively unless either provoked or the opportunity to KO an opponent presents itself. The player will want to focus mainly on  Bonus panels and ensure they have at least 1 copy of QP's hyper for the late game if they can, especially to handle the Boss encounters. The player should only really pursue  Encounter panels if they have battle cards or a decent amount of HP. Overall the player will need to rely solely on their wits, to be victorious.


+Balanced stats
+Powerful and diverse Hyper
+Immune to  Reverse Attribute Field
-No combat dice modifiers
-Card reliant for KOs