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Like most characters in the cast, QP should generally aim for star norma, playing passively unless provoked or the opportunity to KO an opponent presents itself. The player will want to focus mainly on  Bonus panels and ensure they have at least 1 copy of  Hyper Mode for the late game if they can, especially to handle the Boss encounters if she is currently in the lead, or to KO a player while she is behind.


Playing As QP
  • Draw-focused cards, especially  Nice Present, are very good for QP as it increases her chances of drawing  Hyper Mode, as well as other cards she could use to survive or fight others with. She can benefit from virtually any card option due to her unpredictability, so acquiring as many cards as possible should always be a priority for her alongside star gain.
  •  Reverse Attribute Field and  Serious Battle can be used effectively with QP, as she herself is naturally resistant to both cards, so they can be used to great effect to weaken opponents such as Boss characters. That being said, she should still be wary when fighting others with  Hyper Mode or other offensive battle cards in the event she does bring either of these two.
  • Cards that can aid QP in collecting stars in the early game, such as  Nice Jingle and  Piggy Bank will help her get ahead a lot quicker, and allow her expedited access to higher-level cards.
  • Though her offensive presence isn't immediately amazing, this can easily be counteracted by bringing plenty of cards that bolster her bulk, as doing so is generally easier to do anyhow. This can be accomplished through defensive cards like  Rbits and healing staples like  Saki's Cookie and  Pudding (no, seriously; this isn't a joke!). Evasion-based cards like  Rainbow-Colored Circle can be worth considering, but are not as appealing to actually use unless QP is on very low HP.
  • Later in the game, QP might want to leverage her unpredictable nature to her advantage in order to opportunistically snipe kills.  Big Magnum is the most reliable offensive card overall and one that any non-pacifistic QP should add to their deck, as it is virtually just a riskier version of  Hyper Mode. Pairing either of these Battle cards with  Super All-Out Mode, albeit even riskier, can virtually guarantee that she nabs a KO she's looking for. To that end, it might also be worth considering bringing  President's Privilege to dampen the cost of this combination if a window arises to use it.
Playing Against QP
  • As most of QP's strength is derived from her versatile hyper, the cards most effective against QP are cards that cause her to discard cards. Cards such as  Flamethrower and  Scrambled Eve can leave QP vulnerable to attacks and star loss, without the ability to fight back effectively. Some other card control, such as  Brutal Prank or  Gift Exchange, can remove her Hyper from her hand, making her much more vulnerable to falling out of the lead and stripping some of her play-making ability, or in certain cases, put it in the hands of another player, which can be catastrophic in deciding the game's outcome.
  • Cards that cause QP to lose stars can cost her a huge amount of momentum at any stage of the game, as she'll generally spend most of her time stockpiling them. Options like  Flip Out,  Scary Solicitation and  Sky Restaurant 'Pures' help accomplish this.
  • This vulnerability to star bleeding also means that QP is hard countered by the likes of Marie Poppo and Alte, as their respective Hyper cards can cause QP to lose a huge lead she may otherwise run away with when timed correctly.
  • Due to her card focus,  Evil Spy Work - Preparation can also serve as a soft counter, as sustaining over half her HP in damage will keep her out of combat for a while if she hasn't drawn her Hyper (which she likely hasn't if she's still focusing on drawing) and also leave her vulnerable to follow-up attacks.

Recommended Cards[]

Standard Recommended Viable

 Big Magnum
 Nice Jingle
 Nice Present
 Piggy Bank
 Saki's Cookie

 I'm on Fire!
 Little War
 Passionate Research
 Princess's Privilege
 Reverse Attribute Field
 Serious Battle
 Tactical Retreat
 We Are Waruda

 Home Improvement
 Lucky Charm
 President's Privilege
 Rainbow-Colored Circle
 Super All-Out Mode

Counter Cards[]

Recommended Viable

 Brutal Prank
 Deceptive Disarming
 Flip Out
 Gift Exchange
 Out of Ammo
 Scrambled Eve
 Tragedy in the Dead of Night
 Treasure Thief
 Unlucky Charm

 Bad Pudding
 For the Future of the Toy Store
 Piyopiyo Procession
 Shield Counter
 Sealed Memories
 Present Thief
 Scary Solicitation
 Sky Restaurant 'Pures'