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QP Kiss (きゅぴキス) is a single-player video game developed by Orange_Juice. It is a joke/parody game that Orange_Juice released for April Fools' day under the fake BL imprint Rosensaft, meaning "Rose Juice". Rosensaft is read as Bara-jiru (薔薇汁) in Japanese.

QP Kiss was released in Japan on April 1st, 2007 through Shindenken's website, and linked to on the Orange_Juice homepage.[2][3] The download link was taken down 3 weeks after its release. The game (potentially an omake/fandisk) was supposedly later distributed on a demo disc also containing a work-in-progress beta version of 100% Orange Juice!, an early beta version of Suguri from Comiket 68, and miscellaneous other materials during Comiket 75, titled Daidai Fukubukuro.[4] Orange_Juice and Shindenken have no plans for a QP Kiss localization.[5]


QP Kiss features 2 original characters:

Other characters were planned but not implemented in the final release of game. These include the following:


C75 version
Kyupita has a flashback to an intimate moment he once shared with Kyousuke, where Kyousuke had laid him down and was rubbing his ears.

In the present, however, something has changed inside of Kyousuke to make him more violent. Kyupita meets with Kyousuke to stop him, and Kyousuke starts laughing like a maniac. Explaining that his arm is in excruciating pain and he doesn't know why Kyousuke claims that it must be evil and that he urgently needs to murder something to sate it. Kyousuke demands that Kyupita sacrifice his life for his sake. Kyupita, in turn, calls Kyousuke an idiot for giving into power, and that he is not the senpai he liked in the past, instead just an idiot wearing a facade. Kyousuke tells Kyupita to not insult him but Kyupita rebuffs by telling Kyousuke to not insult his senpai. The two then engage in combat.

Once Kyupita wins the fight, Kyousuke thanks Kyupita. Kyousuke says that during the battle, he felt Kyupita's love flowing into his heart. He ponders what came over him in the first place but Kyupita says that Kyousuke still hasn't returned to normal. Kyousuke, apparently dying, says that this must be the bad end and apologizes for his actions, grateful that he is able to at least see Kyupita's face at the end. Having said that, he adds that while Kyupita's face is adorable, his ears are not something normal people should see and rips them off, criticizing Kyupita for letting his guard down.

Kyupita's ears never grow back.

System Requirements[]

OS Windows 2000 /XP/Vista
Processor Intel Pentium 1.2GHz
Memory 512 MB RAM
Graphics DirectX 9 or above compatible card with 256MB VRAM or more
DirectX Version 9.0c
Storage 1 GB available space
Sound Card DirectSound-compatible card
System requirements are only for reference. Actual performance may vary.



  • It is not known but assumed that the game's character artist is in fact Neriume.
  • It is also assumed that more content was planned for the game. Concept art (shown above) shows many more planned characters.
    • The presumed unnamed genderswap of Yuuki wears a costume derived from a depiction of her on the splash page of a prior Orange_Juice homepage.[6]
      • This costume in itself is inspired by monster designs from the 2002 fangame of ASCII Media Works' PS1 simulation game Eternal Melody, Mid Night Pleasure from the prior Orange_Juice imprint PureS.
      • A popular fandom name for this character is "Yami Yuuki", after the character Yami Yugi from the Yu-Gi-Oh! animated series.
  • The release of the game at Comiket 75 contains a scenario with a custom save file dated from March 28, 2008 at 11:51pm, with other files suggesting that it was released on April 1st, 2008. This is a year after the game's supposed initial release. It is for this reason that it is assumed that the Comiket release differs from the original, further validated by the presence of an article from 2007, depicting screenshots of two characters not integrated into the subsequent release, Suguru and Kaetarou.[3]
    • There are also unused assets included in the game's files to further back this up, including a background depicting a classroom.
  • The Kiss from a Rose achievement is a likely reference to the game made under the Rosensaft imprint.
  • Outside of novel scenes, gameplay is derived from the original Suguri and Acceleration of SUGURI titles. Kyousuke's patterns are largely derived from Kyoko's in Suguri, with the notable addition of his signature Cast Off attack.
    • Kyousuke's Cast Off attack is a near-lethal attack comparable to a hyper that does persistent, undashable and unguardable damage across the entire screen for approximately 5 seconds. To defeat Kyousuke, the player is expected to interrupt him before he can use it, which he is liable to do at any point after his HP goes below 50%.
  • Kyousuke later makes an appearance in QP Shooting - Dangerous!!, mistakenly believing QP is really Kyupita. His patterns are changed to more resemble that of Yuuki's, the corresponding stage boss in the original QP Shooting, though he retains a modified form of his Cast Off attack.
    • Since this game, all of his moves now adopt a distinctive rose motif, another likely reference to Rosensaft.
  • Kyousuke also appears in 200% Mixed Juice!, again mistaking QP for Kyupita and establishing himself as the brother of Kyoko (non-canon). Both Kyousuke and Kyupita are playable characters.
  • Most of the songs in this game are royalty-free tracks from TAM Music Factory, but the theme used for the combat is actually from DEKU, freelance composer of the Suguri series. Originally titled So High, the song was later used in Sora as Alte's theme, Readiness.
    • This therefore makes Readiness the only known song DEKU has made for an Orange_Juice title that can be considered freeware game music.
  • During April Fools' 2009, alongside the release of the parody title Flying Crimson Barrel, Orange_Juice posted a web-based radio podcast teasing the upcoming release of QP Kiss Portable.[7]