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QP Shooting (きゅぴシュー) is a single player video game developed by Orange_Juice. It is the prequel to QP Shooting - Dangerous!! and the first game made by Orange_Juice. It was released in Japan on August 15th, 2004 during the 1st day of Comiket 66.[1][2] The game is currently not available in any languages besides Japanese.


QP is running an errand while humming a song to herself. For her errand, she enters a convenience store and wonders if she would find anything delicious. QP spots a newly released pudding and immediately desires for it. QP is heartbroken that she does not have any money on her, however she finds a 500 Yen coin in her pocket for some reason. Without thinking further, QP heads straight for the register and buys the pudding. At home, it is already dinner time so QP decides to save the pudding as a snack for tomorrow.

During the night an unknown person snatches QP's pudding. In the morning, QP finds the pudding missing and a letter left in its place. The letter says that if QP wants the pudding back then she must look for the person who took it. QP wonders who the thief could be and comes up with her own suspicions on who it is. QP recalls that this person is strong and always mean. It will be a problem to get her pudding back from this person, but QP is certain that she will get her pudding back. With the help of her friend Rbit, QP sets off to find the thief.

While searching the streets, QP runs into Mei, penguin skiing on top of Red and Blue. Mei asks QP to play with her since she was bored. QP initially declines Mei's request but once Mei offers ice cream in return, QP accepts. Mei declares the game as a battle, where QP responds by asking Mei if they can stop, not wanting to fight. Mei doesn't respond to QP's plea but she loses the fight in the end anyways. QP asks for her ice cream but Mei is annoyed that she lost and leaves with Red and Blue for a special training session, not giving QP anything and vowing revenge on her.

During the afternoon, QP finds Yuuki talking to her puppets. QP wants to avoid contact with Yuuki, thinking that she is a dangerous person, and pretends to not notice Yuuki. Yuuki, talking with her Mr. Cow puppet, greets QP and QP instinctively greets them back, only realizing her mistake after. QP unintentionally offends Yuuki by talking to her directly and not to her puppets, so Yuuki fights QP, bringing out Mr. Panda during the fight, but all three puppets were torn in the end of the fight. Yuuki mourns the loss of her puppets and QP wonders what she should do and tells Yuuki that she must go and promises to properly apologize next time they meet. Yuuki asks QP if she can be her puppet, but QP declines and leaves.

Mimyuu eventually finds QP and tells her to stop. QP finds Mimyuu cute and gives Mimyuu some candy. Mimyuu tells QP that she is ordered from Waruda to attack QP. She thanks QP for her kindness and attacks her but ultimately loses to QP. Mimyuu runs away to find her big sister for help. Tomato later shows up and fights QP for upsetting Mimyuu. When Tomato loses, QP asks her why the two sisters were sent to attack her and Tomato responds by saying that QP will understand once she meets the leader of Waruda.

Some time later, QP unknowingly flies into a restaurant called the  Sky Restaurant 'Pures' and Chris asks for QP's order. QP asks for a hamburger but then remembers that she has no time to eat. QP apologizes to Chris for just needing to pass through and the fact that she does not have any money. Chris also apologizes to QP for mistaking her for a customer and says farewell to her. At the last moment, Chris notices QP's Rbit and mistaken Rbit for an ingredient from the restaurant. Chris accuses QP for being a dine and dasher and attacks her, bringing out Store Manager to help attack. After the duo's defeat, Chris is upset that the previous customer was not an actual customer and now the next customer, QP, is an apparent dine and dasher. QP rejects Chris's accusations and asks Chris where this previous customer went, thinking it could be a lead. Chris points QP in to the direction this person went and asks QP to pay a fee on the Rbit, still believing QP as a dine and dasher and QP leaves refusing to pay.

QP eventually finds Yuki, whom she suspected at the beginning to have stolen her pudding. Yuki reveals herself as Waruda's leader and shows QP the stolen pudding. QP pleads with Yuki to return the pudding to her and Yuki agrees to return it, if QP can defeat her. The two then begin to fight.[3]

After winning her fight with Yuki, QP retrieves her pudding back from Yuki. Rbit congratulates QP and comments that the pudding should surely be delicious because of all the hard work done to get it back. QP wonders why Yuki did all this in the first place but then immediately brushes this thought off and hurries home with Rbit, offering to give Rbit a treat.

During the battle, Yuki finds QP's Rbit dashing all over the place very annoying. Yuki then grabs an Rbit and injures it saying that they belong in a cage. QP, enraged, tells Yuki that this is unforgivable and screams.

After winning her fight with Yuki, QP retrieves her pudding back from Yuki. Rbit congratulates QP and comments that the pudding should surely be delicious because of all the hard work done to get it back. QP wonders why Yuki did all this in the first place; Yuki was always mean but QP did not think she would do something this terrible.

Yuki wakes up and jogs QP's memories by asking her why she went to the convenience store in the first place. QP flashes back to Yuki asking QP to go buy this week's Jump Magazine, giving her 500 Yen to go and buy it. QP then went to the convenience store and saw the limited-time pudding sale, buying it with the 500 Yen, forgetting the errand given by Yuki.

Now understanding why Yuki has done all of this, QP laughs nervously and begs Yuki for forgiveness. Everyone QP had beaten suddenly shows up, Mei coming for her revenge, Yuuki coming to make QP her puppet, Tomato and Mimyuu coming to destroy QP this time, and Chris coming to retrieve Rbit. Yuki is now fully recovered and ready to deliver her own punishment. QP and Rbit runs away.

During the battle, Yuki is disappointed on QP's efforts, finding this whole mess not funny anymore. QP, again, pleads for her pudding back to which Yuki unexpectedly agrees to do. Unfortunately to QP's horror, Yuki pours soy sauce onto the pudding before returning it, making it taste like sea urchin. Yuki taunts QP, saying how tasty the pudding looks after ruining it and by asking if QP doesn't like sea urchin. Yuki laughs and QP screams. The two resume their fight, intending to finish this fight off.

After winning her fight with Yuki, QP retrieves her pudding back from Yuki but it's already been irreversibly tainted. QP wonders if sea urchin is tasty and wonders if the sea urchin flavor will go will with pudding. QP resolves to try eating it after all the hassle she went through. In the end, the taste is unbearable for QP. 


A Street in QP Shooting

The world that shown in QP Shooting hosts a modern society with convenience stores and vehicles. Animals are anthropomorphized such as QP and Yuki and they coexist with humans, with other animals still existing as regular animals such as chickens and butterflies. In this world, some people and animals are able to fly, QP is seen flying through the entire game, so much of the game is airborne.


QP Shooting features 13 new original characters.

Original Characters

System Requirements[]

OS Windows 98/SE/Me/2000/XP
Processor Pentium III above 700 MHz
Memory 64 MB RAM
Graphics DirectX 8.1 or above compatible card with 16MB VRAM or more
DirectX Version 8.1
System requirements are only for reference. Actual performance may vary.

Official Add On[]

1 Expansion has been released for QP Shooting. It features 3 new stages and a new story mode that are playable as Aru. The expansion is available on Orange_Juice's website for free.[4]


QP Shooting Trailer
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