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During the battle, Yuki is disappointed on QP's efforts, finding this whole mess not funny anymore. QP, again, pleads for her pudding back to which Yuki unexpectedly agrees to do. Unfortunately to QP's horror, Yuki pours soy sauce onto the pudding before returning it, making it taste like sea urchin. Yuki taunts QP, saying how tasty the pudding looks after ruining it and by asking if QP doesn't like sea urchin. Yuki laughs and QP screams. The two resume their fight, intending to finish this fight off.

After winning her fight with Yuki, QP retrieves her pudding back from Yuki but it's already been irreversibly tainted. QP wonders if sea urchin is tasty and wonders if the sea urchin flavor will go will with pudding. QP resolves to try eating it after all the hassle she went through. In the end, the taste is unbearable for QP.