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During the battle, Yuki finds QP's Rbit dashing all over the place very annoying. Yuki then grabs an Rbit and injures it saying that they belong in a cage. QP, enraged, tells Yuki that this is unforgivable and screams.

After winning her fight with Yuki, QP retrieves her pudding back from Yuki. Rbit congratulates QP and comments that the pudding should surely be delicious because of all the hard work done to get it back. QP wonders why Yuki did all this in the first place; Yuki was always mean but QP did not think she would do something this terrible.

Yuki wakes up and jogs QP's memories by asking her why she went to the convenience store in the first place. QP flashes back to Yuki asking QP to go buy this week's Jump Magazine, giving her 500 Yen to go and buy it. QP then went to the convenience store and saw the limited-time pudding sale, buying it with the 500 Yen, forgetting the errand given by Yuki.

Now understanding why Yuki has done all of this, QP laughs nervously and begs Yuki for forgiveness. Everyone QP had beaten suddenly shows up, Mei coming for her revenge, Yuuki coming to make QP her puppet, Tomato and Mimyuu coming to destroy QP this time, and Chris coming to retrieve Rbit. Yuki is now fully recovered and ready to deliver her own punishment. QP and Rbit runs away.