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Quests & Bounties are the means to achieve victory in 100% Orange Juice!'s Bounty Hunt mode. Given that Bounty Hunt mode centers around achieving Fame, quests and bounties are unique pseudo-cards that provide the player with opportunities to complete objectives of varying difficulty and earn Fame, using either an aggressive or passive strategy.

Consequently, the player will want to pick their quest or bounty based on both their character's stats, what locations are nearby, and what power-ups they currently possess. The better the player is at choosing their objective, the more likely they will be to norma faster.



At the beginning of each game, each player will be provided with a single card from the deck as per usual and will receive one unique bounty card. Any quest or bounty card in hand is visible to all players. In order to draw more quest or bounty cards, the player will need to stop at any  Home panel- they are not drawn from the Center Deck with  Draw panels or card or field effects like traditional cards. At a Home panel, the player will be promoted to add one of four randomly generated ones to their hand. The player may also view what locations are around them before selecting one of the four cards, by pressing and holding their cursor on the background and moving it to view nearby panels. Additionally, all players are also able to hold 1 additional card more than they normally can. In most cases this means 4 cards, however, some character character-specific exceptions that can hold more or less. If the player ends up with 5 or more cards (this includes quest and bounty cards), they will be forced to discard any amount of cards at the end of their turn, until they have 4 cards.

While their own card type, quest and bounty cards act most similarly to gift cards. Quest and bounty cards must remain in the player's hand for them to remain active. Once the objective on the card is fully met, the card is automatically removed from the hand. Likewise, using a quest or bounty at the beginning of a player's turn will discard it, however, the cards are not added to the discard pile, and are instead removed from the game. If the card leaves the player's hand through any means other than completing the objective, it can no longer be completed or attempted until it is redrawn from a home panel. It is also very important to note that quests and bounties do not stack. Only one card of the exact same type can be completed per hand.


Normal Interactions

Unique Interactions


Quests are fetch quests- peaceful objectives which involve going to a location to retrieve a quest item and then turning the quest item into a specific shop. If the player is holding a quest, passing or landing on the designated location on the card will automatically give the quest item. Holding any quests with the same quest item location will enable the player to receive all of the quest items at that location in one pass (this means if the player has duplicates of a quest, they will receive that amount of the quest item). Then, the player must take the quest item to the designated shop (the one owned by the listed quest giver), in order to receive Fame. Likewise, If the player is holding quests with the same designated turn-in location, they will be able to turn all of the items at once. Quests will always give 2 Fame when completed. Below are all available quests the player may select:


As previously stated, passing the location listed on the quest will give the player the necessary quest item. This item will then be added to the player's item inventory and remain within it until the quest item is delivered to the proper location. Even if the player drops the quest card, the item will remain in their item inventory, enabling them to turn in the quest once they re-select the proper quest card at a  Home panel.


Bounties are kill contracts- fighting objectives that require the player to find the listed monster on the card and defeat it. Monsters may be found in locations after passing or landing on them, and the player may only fight a monster if they are holding a bounty card associated with it. Upon defeating a monster, Fame will be instantly rewarded. Monsters can give anywhere from 2-4 Fame, depending on the monster. It is also important to note that Bounties do not stack, like quests, meaning that having multiple copies will not give double the fame. Below are all available bounties the player may select:


Update History[]

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V 2.9.1
  • Players can now move the camera while on the bounty select screen.