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Rebellious Student.jpg Rebellious Student
Defeat Swimming Coach on Hyper difficulty without defeating any Goalpost minions.

Rebellious Student is a Steam achievement in 100% Orange Juice!




  • To make sure the players won't accidentally KO any of the Goalpost minions, all players, especially those ones that play as characters with negative ATK value or passive/hyper that can deal 1 damage in battle, should avoid attacking them at all cost as any combat damage lower than 6 has a chance to KO them. Attackers may use their Fury ability or role hyper to bypass their passive if they would otherwise move into a bad position, but it's generally advised to simply not challenge them since they are more useful for knocking down the Swimming Ringer and Balloon Jerk minions.
  • Kiriko and Iru are generally considered very effective against the Swimming Coach because they can KO Goalposts easily with their hyper and/or passive. In the case of such achievement, however, they will need to replace their hyper with role hyper if they are needed for the team.
  • Goalposts can only be damaged by attacks that deal exact 1 damage, regardless of in battle or out of battle. This makes  Magical Massacre one of the best card for this achievement, as it's guaranteed to KO all Swimming Ringers whilst keeping all Goalposts alive.  Invisible Bomb set by  Star Blasting Fuse can also work in a similar manner, albeit not quite reliable unless repeatedly used. Suguri (46 Billion Years), with her ability to double all out-of-battle damage done through cards, can also be helpful for taking down the Swimming Ringers and Balloon Jerks quickly whilst keeping the Goalposts unharmed. However, these strategies will usually need large amount of stars, the players will need to enhance their star income with cards like  Holy Night or  Piggy Bank, or by choosing characters like Cuties or Arthur that can boost the income with their passive and/or hyper. Additionally, the Joker and Charity Mixers can be very convenient when attempting such tactic.
  • Many of Swimming Coach's cards use the number of active Goalposts as variable, keeping them alive will usually result in his cards dealing much higher damage and/or having much bigger radius.  Safe Journey not only grants immunity against the massive out-of-damage dealt by the boss, but also prevents any star loss caused by Drop Panels, which is surprisingly common on the Whirlpool field.

Single Player:

This achievement is actually possible with single player, though you'll need a lot of retries mainly because of how CPU will always want to challenge regardless of the character's stats. Even if CPU characters that cannot be challenged, all of the CPU basically packs cards that KO Goalpost. Some of the cards include:

While you can pick Attacker CPUs with Store Manager or Star Breaker so you can let CPU challenge Goalpost and not make it able to KO, the high REC makes it quite impossible to stay alive. Alongside, when the minion challenges character, they always go first (meaning Attackers usually die without counter attacking), so Attackers are not feasible. You might think that adding a defender role might mitigate this issue. However, as previously stated, "CPU will always want to challenge regardless of the character's stats." The only solution, therefore, is to pick all the CPU characters to Avengers with a passive skill that does not allow to challenge.

(Subject to change when Co-op adjustments happen)


Player: Suguri (46 Billion Years) (Dealer)

CPU: 3x Malt (Avenger)

Justification of Suguri (46 Billion Years) over Halena:

  • While Halena's hyper allows the game to continue longer, the main issue is that it simply lacks DPS. By the time you reach Chapter 40, it is quite impossible to stay alive since all the panels will become boss panels.
  • Suguri (46 Billion Years), on the other hand, has an ability to sprint when doubling the card damage effect. This is quite useful to avoid boss panel and stay on home panel. But the main strength is her hyper card (which in the current version, can be instantly used), specifically  Magical Massacre, Magical Inferno, and x16 Big Rocket.



  • Draw as much as you can for both DPS and not to let CPU have Gentleman's Battle early on. Each Malt should have 2x Gentleman's Battle, so in total, there should be 6 in the deck.
  • If Malt uses Gentleman's Battle and KOs Goalpost, restart the game.
  • As Suguri (46 Billion Years), you should never let her stay in the center. Always stay in the outer path so that during Terror, she can move to the home panel and not step on the boss panel. In addition, don't try to be aggressive (meaning you don't always need to challenge minions, and never for Goalpost) as you really want her to stay alive as long as possible.