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Recovery is a mechanic in 100% Orange Juice! that occurs when any player is KO'd (health drops to 0). As a result, the player can enter recovery after being KO'd as a result of battles, card effects, board panels, or field events.

When a player is KO'd, they will have to roll their dice to recover and get back up and will be unable to play until they succeed. Consequently, the amount of time players spend in recovery can have a large impact on the end result of a match.



When a player is KO'd, their character will appear in their failure pose on the panel they were KO'd on. While KO'd, the player cannot perform their usual actions. The KO'd player will be unable to move, use a card, start a battle, be challenged to a battle, be targeted by boost cards, be healed by a card or field event, or be affected by most field events. The player is not completely removed from the game, however. The player will still gain passive stars at the start of the chapter, they can be affected by certain event cards, can also be affected by some field events, and the character will retain their passive effect. In some cases, the character's passive may even negate the KO and/or cause them to revive faster.

Ways to be KO'd

There are 3 ways a player can be KO'd during a match that feature different potential penalties to the player:

  • If the player was KO'd in battle with a player and no other card or passive ability stated otherwise, the player will give half their stars and 2 wins to the opponent.
  • If the player was KO'd in battle with a boss or wild unit, the player will give half their stars, which are then added to the reward pool for the character that KO's the boss or wild unit.
  • If the player was KO'd outside of battle by a card effect, board event, or  Damage panel, the player will not lose any stars or give any wins. Certain card effects may specifically state otherwise (such as  Big Bang Bell or  Magical Inferno, for instance), and thus override this rule.

Recovery Process

The recovery process is quite simple to understand. On the player's next turn after being KO'd, their use card or move option is skipped and the player will instead be prompted to make a recovery roll for their character. To revive their character, the player must roll a value greater than or equal than the value listed on the screen (where this value comes from is discussed in the next section). If the player succeeds, their character will be revived with full HP and the player's turn will end. On the player's next turn, the player's turn will begin as it normally does.

If the player fails to roll the value needed to recover, the roll required will decrease by one in the next chapter. So for example, if the recovery value required is 6 and the player fails to recover on their turn, on their next turn they will need to roll a 5 or higher. If they fail again, the requirement will be reduced to 4 on their next turn. This process will continue until the player successfully rolls to recover. If the player is extremely unlucky and fails to recover every recovery roll, they will automatically recover when the recovery roll required would be reduced to 1. They will automatically revive on their next turn, even if the player is able to roll lower than 1 from an effect such as  Lucky Sevens.

The REC Stat


The recovery process is tied directly to the player's recovery stat. The recovery stat is the last stat on a unit card after evasion, which is listed as "REC". When the recovery process begins, the value listed is the starting recovery roll requirement. Consequently, the higher a character's recovery stat, the more difficult it will be for the player to recover. Characters with a recovery stat of 6 will be at a large disadvantage compared to a character with a recovery stat of 4, as the odds of the character with the higher REC recovering in a single turn are much lower. A character with a recovery stat of 6 may take around 3 turns to revive, as opposed to recovery stat 4 characters, who may recover in a single turn. Most characters have a recovery stat of 5. Often, the recovery stat is a trade-off: characters with higher overall stats generally have a high REC stat, and characters with low HP or particular passive abilities have REC stats of 4 and below to compensate for their higher chance of being KO'd.
Below is a table of different recovery stats the player may experience:

Stat Recovery Odds Expected Turns Performace
Rec6.png 16.7% 2.77 Below average
Rec5.png 33.3% 2.13 Average
Rec4.png 50% 1.69 Above average
Rec3.png 66.7% 1.39 Far above average
Rec1.png 100% 1 Instant
Rec0.png 100% 1 Instant (NPC and Shifu Robot only)

*Note: If for any reason a player's REC stat becomes higher than 6 (for example, co-op), the player will not have to roll a value higher than 6 to recover, as it is impossible to do so. The player will need to roll a 6 for REC 6 and every turn over 6. For instance, if the REC stat is 8, the roll requirement each chapter would be {6, 6, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2}.

Recovery Exceptions

The process of recovery is always the same; however, some card effects can change the rate at which a player recovers from their KO'd state.

Instant Recover Cards

If the player uses  Extend or QP's hyper  Hyper Mode, they will recover automatically on their next turn after being KO'd (in the case of Extend, this applies the next time the player is KO'd; in the case of Hyper Mode, this only applies if the player is KO'd in the same battle in which they used the card). In either case, this works the same way as a successful recovery roll; that is, the player will recover with full health and their turn will end. Alternatively, if any player uses  Forced Revival, all KO'd players will be recovered with 1 health and be able to move on their turn. (Note that as a KO'd player cannot play cards, a player cannot use Forced Revival to revive themselves.)

Sora (Military)

If the player is using the Bonus character, Sora (Military) and is defeated in battle, they will automatically recover on their next turn with half health. Their turn will then end. Otherwise, the player will recover using the traditional process.

Sorasp 00 03.png

Magical Massacre

If the player activates Tomomo's hyper  Magical Massacre, their recovery stat will be reduced by the number of player's KO'd by the effect during their next recovery. The player's recovery stat will return to normal following their successful recovery.