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Redemption Story.jpg Redemption Story
Defeat RoPoChi on Hyper difficulty using only any combination of Poppo, Chicken, Seagull, Robo Ball and QP.

Redemption Story is a Steam achievement in 100% Orange Juice!



  • One approach to completing this achievement is for all players to use either Marie Poppo (Mixed) or Poppo all in one team. While any role is possible, Attacker, Guardian, Avenger, Avenger are advised. Using this setup, the players will want to reach norma 4 as fast as possible, while avoiding having their stars stolen by Ropochi or the Big Poppo minion. Stars norma is advised given that Ropochi does not have minions that give 2 wins. The Attacker's Fury ability can be used to break through  Po-tect and keep the minion count under control, while the Guardian can provide a constant shield to the Attacker. The 2 Avengers can act as the main source of damage, but should not start attacking until after norma 4 is achieved. Then, by coordinate with the Attacker, the player can break the Po-tect before a TerrorTerror
    Every 2 turns random panels will turn into PBoss.png Boss panels. On Chapter 40, all panels but PWarp.png Warp and PWarp Move.png Warp Move panels will stay as Boss panels.
    event activates so that the Avengers can use  Boss panels and enter a battle with Ropochi. This method carries 2 advantages in that if RopoChi starts the match with  Balance Currency, it will enable the players to amass stars quickly to norma. Likewise, Ubiquitous can be used steal from the Big Poppo (or RoPoChi directly) to reduce RoPoChi's star count and make it unable to use two of its deadliest Level 3 cards. If using Marie Poppo (Mixed), the players can either time her hyper to stack warps to gain stars in the early game. However her hyper will become useless in the late game and thus the player may want to swap it for  Unforgiving Avenger.
  • Another plausible approach is to use 2 Attacker QP (Dangerous)s and to have another character (potentially another QP (Dangerous)) play as a Dealer. By all players packing  Dangerous Pudding, the Attackers will likely draw them or the Dealer will be able to supply them. By norma 4 the Attackers will ideally have a hand of Dangerous Puddings and a subsequent massive attack stats of +5 after role modifiers. This will enable them to easily rip through Ropochi's defense in a short amount of time. If this method is taken, however, the players will want to bring a Supporter as well, given that the Attackers will likely be KO'd at some point and emergency healing may need to occur to avoid all player's being KO'd at once.
  •  Star-Blasting Light can be extremely helpful if RoPoChi uses  Po-Bomber often. Usually after RoPoChi using Po-Bomber for more than 3 times, one single Star-Blasting Light can deal massive damage (which is NOT negated by Po-tect) to RoPoChi, as well as removing all Invisible Bombs that might cause further annoyances at some point. However, due to the card's high level requirement and star cost, the players will generally need  Play of the Gods or  President's Privilege to use it for minimum cost.