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Battle Card
Reverse Attribute Field.png
During this battle, the positive and negative values of each ability of both units are inverted after adjustment.
3 ☆
10 ★
1 per Deck
DeckPointsIcon.png 2
Rare Card
"Aren't you too serious about this game? You're so da... I mean, far too immature!" —Mei

Reverse Attribute Field is a collectible Battle card that can be acquired from the Expansion Pack.


When used in a battle, any positive ATK, DEF, and EVD values will become negative values, and any negative values will become positive values. This affects both units and takes place after stat changes from other effects are applied.


  • Stat changes that take place after the first attack roll (such as those caused by  Reflective Shell or Tequila's passive) are not affected by Reverse Attribute Field.


Reverse Attribute Field itself is remarkably effective against most enemies, but mainly toward opponents with stats that sway heavily to one side. Aggressive characters such as Tomomo (Sweet Eater) and Yuki will be guaranteed to roll very poorly and tanks like Fernet and Kyoko will lose their ability to defend themselves. The card can also be paired up well with other cards such as  Final Battle and  Little War to try and give the opponents the worst odds possible. On the other end of the spectrum, certain characters with only decreased stats, such as Poppo and Kiriko, can benefit from the card for a small amount of gain. The card can also be used to protect the player from a boss if they are low on health. Perhaps of all its uses, the most effective use of the card is to counter hyper cards. Certain characters are particularly susceptible as their hyper cards are all about amplifying the player's stats for maximum attack output. The most counterable hypers are  Beyond Hell,  Melting Memories,  Blue Crow the Second,  Deploy Bits, and the two most notorious,  Another Ultimate Weapon and  Blazing!. The card directly counters the stat boosts from the hypers, rendering the player unable roll anything but a 1 when fully powered up and likely receiving stats so low they will be KO'd. In some cases, the player may also suffer a massive star loss as a result, and the game will likely be over for that player unless they have a second plan and recover quickly.

The card is not invincible, however, as some cards and characters can slip right through it. QP and Sweet Breaker (when not using their hypers) are notably immune to the effect, as their stats are neutral across the board. Hypers and cards which don't affect the player's stats, but instead amplify their roll, such as  Extraordinary Specs,  Accelerator, and  Accel Hyper, among others, will be completely unaffected by Reverse Attribute Field as well. Some opponents also may receive an edge of some kind from the effect as, for instance, Fernet may lose her defensive strength, but will gain +2 evasion instead, meaning she may be able to dodge the player in response.