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RoPoChiRoPoChi (Hyper difficulty)
RoPoChi (unit).png
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RoPoChi (ロポチ Ropochi) is a special super-powered boss only found in Co-op mode. It was originally introduced during the Master of the Minions event in Version 2.7.

Passives[edit source]

  • Gain -2 ATK for each non-KO'd minion on the field.
  • Gain +1 die to attack rolls for each non-KO'd minion on the field.
  • At the start of a Chapter, if neither  Po-tect nor Scrambled are active, use  Po-tect.
  • Use  Roost Boost every 6 chapters.
  • (Below Hyper Difficulty) Gain 3 stars per combat damage dealt.
  • (Hyper Difficulty) Gain 5 stars per combat damage dealt.
  • (Hyper Difficulty) Use  From the Abyss at the beginning of the game.

Overview[edit source]

Strategy[edit source]

Due to the nature of RoPoChi being a mix of all the co-op bosses, it thankfully misses out on most of the deadliest cards and passives of each individual boss. The passive you mostly have to worry about is the added dice rolls per minion alive on the field, as this gives it high attack rolls constantly especially with the Big Poppo minion taking a while to take down. However, because it gains -2 Attack per minion as well, high-HP Avengers like Poppo can survive a hit even with 1-2 minions and hit back with Avenger-boosted attack.

Most of RoPoChi's Level 1-2 cards serve merely as annoyances, usually either stealing stars or buffing the minions to make them harder to take down. Because your stars get frequently stolen, it may be advisable to try and gain normas via Wins. Make sure the Attacker is kept healthy as it attempts to take out Chicken minions and stepping on the many red panels to try and work their way up to Norma Level 4.

Among the level 2 cards, the most dangerous is Delusional Numbers, which allows it to roll natural 7s if you're unlucky. If you're lucky, it will roll 0s. One way you can take advantage of this is if RoPoChi rolls a 0 in a battle, it will keep rolling 0s for that battle, making you free to hit it at that point, but you have to weigh the risk of it also just rolling all 7s instead.

The Level 3 cards are what makes RoPoChi excessively dangerous. Once it starts drawing the high-level cards, your team must pay attention to the next card in play and react accordingly:

Poppo Universe - The player that moves latest with Party TIme should use the card.

Poppo Care - Keep everyone alive regardless of HP.

Refined Talons - Have only one player with as low HP as possible. A mix of Guardians and Avengers can help keep this card from doing too much damage.

Beak of the Demi-Bird - Stay away as much as possible from the boss, use Dash and Here and There cards if the player is too close to RoPoChi.

Big Po's Special - This lasts for 3 turns. Keep finding ways to heal and reduce outside damage such as Dinner cards, Metallic Monocoque cards, and Guardian's Protect.

Another special way to reduce the extra damage RoPoChi does is to keep its star count low. It has multiple cards that use stars, and if you're able to dodge its other cards which steal or gain stars, RoPoChi can easily fall under 100 stars, rendering it unable to use certain expensive cards and greatly reducing the damage Poppo Universe will deal.

Summary[edit source]

RoPoChi's Playable Cards[edit source]

Level 0 Cards

Identity Crisis.pngIdentity Crisis.png

Level 1 Cards

Robo Tax.pngRobo Tax.png Pluck.pngPluck.png Catcher.pngCatcher.png Balance Currency.pngBalance Currency.png Poppo March.pngPoppo March.png Premium Regeneration.pngPremium Regeneration.png

Level 2 Cards

Wireless Chicken.pngWireless Chicken.png RoPo Barrage.pngRoPo Barrage.png Delusional Numbers.pngDelusional Numbers.png Second Wing (RPC).pngSecond Wing (RPC).png Sky Restaurant 'Poppo' (RPC).pngSky Restaurant 'Poppo' (RPC).png Sky Restaurant 'Poppo' (trap).pngSky Restaurant 'Poppo' (trap).png Po-Bomber.pngPo-Bomber.png Invisible Bomb (RPC).pngInvisible Bomb (RPC).png Turbo Chicken.pngTurbo Chicken.png

Level 3 Cards

Poppo Universe.pngPoppo Universe.png Poppocare.pngPoppocare.png Refined Talons.pngRefined Talons.png Beak of the Demi-Bird.pngBeak of the Demi-Bird.png Big Po's Special.pngBig Po's Special.png

Hypers & Passives

Roost Boost.pngRoost Boost.png Po-tect.pngPo-tect.png From the Abyss.pngFrom the Abyss.png Home Sweeper.pngHome Sweeper.png link= #link= #

On the Field[edit source]

Chicken 00 00.png
3 -1 -1 +1 1
Bpoppo 00 00.png
Big Poppo
12 +2 -1 -1 10 3
Other Info
Hyper difficulty only.
Instead of dealing damage, steals 3 stars per point of damage dealt.
Gives 25 stars on KO.

On Encounter Panels[edit source]

Chicken 00 00.png
3 -1 -1 +1 1
Ball 00 00.png
3 -1 +1 -1 1
Seagull 00 00.png
3 +1 -1 -1 1

Extreme Difficulty

Frost Cave CO
Frost Cave CO.png
Icy Hideout CO
Icy Hideout CO.png
Starship CO
Starship CO.png
White Winter CO
White Winter CO.png

Hyper Difficulty
Tomomo's Abyss CO
Tomomo's Abyss CO.png


1 Icon.png Default
0 10000 00.png
Ropochi 00 00.png
2 Icon.png Attack
0 10000 00.png
Ropochi 00 01.png
3 Icon.png Damage
0 10000 00.png
Ropochi 00 02.png
4 Icon.png Success
0 10000 00.png
Ropochi 00 03.png
5 Icon.png Failure
0 10000 00.png
Ropochi 00 04.png
6 Icon.png Dice Throw
0 10000 00.png
Ropochi 00 05.png
7 Icon.png Default
0 10000 00.png
not found
8 Icon.png Attack
0 10000 00.png
not found
9 Icon.png Damage
0 10000 00.png
not found
10 Icon.png Success
0 10000 00.png
not found
11 Icon.png Failure
0 10000 00.png
not found
12 Icon.png Dice Throw
0 10000 00.png
not found

Trivia[edit source]

Update History[edit source]

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V3.2.1

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V3.1
  • Fixed  Poppo Universe and  Robo Tax not being safe around KO'd minions as ability description suggests and adjusted panel highlighting to fit new behavior.

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V2.8.2 (Hotfix 3)
  • Fixed  Robo Tax and  Poppo Universe highlighting extra field panels that were unaffected by the ability.
  • Fixed a disco effect that was made with old panel highlights that weren't reset properly.

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V2.7.2 (Hotfix 1)
  • Please save RoPoChi! There's still time!

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V2.7.2

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V2.7.1 (Hotfix 3)

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V2.7

RoPoChi (unit).png