100% Orange Juice Wiki

RoPoChi's Playable Cards[]

Level 0 Cards

Identity Crisis.pngIdentity Crisis.png

Level 1 Cards

Robo Tax.pngRobo Tax.png Pluck.pngPluck.png Catcher.pngCatcher.png Balance Currency.pngBalance Currency.png Poppo March.pngPoppo March.png Premium Regeneration.pngPremium Regeneration.png

Level 2 Cards

Wireless Chicken.pngWireless Chicken.png RoPo Barrage.pngRoPo Barrage.png Delusional Numbers.pngDelusional Numbers.png Second Wing (RPC).pngSecond Wing (RPC).png Sky Restaurant 'Poppo' (RPC).pngSky Restaurant 'Poppo' (RPC).png Po-Bomber.pngPo-Bomber.png Turbo Chicken.pngTurbo Chicken.png

Level 3 Cards

Poppo Universe.pngPoppo Universe.png Poppocare.pngPoppocare.png Refined Talons.pngRefined Talons.png Beak of the Demi-Bird.pngBeak of the Demi-Bird.png Big Po's Special.pngBig Po's Special.png


Roost Boost.pngRoost Boost.png Po-tect.pngPo-tect.png From the Abyss.pngFrom the Abyss.png Home Sweeper.pngHome Sweeper.png

Supplemental Cards

link= #link= # Sky Restaurant 'Poppo' (trap).pngSky Restaurant 'Poppo' (trap).png Invisible Bomb (RPC).pngInvisible Bomb (RPC).png