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Saki's hyper can be very potent. Therefore, it is recommended to go for  Draw panels until she has it.  Bonus panels should naturally still be given high priority, as Saki can't always depend on her Hyper to generate stars. She would do well to include in her deck cards that supplement her defense, due to lackluster stats.


Playing As Saki
  • Due to Saki's frail stats, it's highly advised to bring defensive cards.  Shield and  Shield Counter can thwart attempts to hurt Saki;  Rbits can do similarly as well as help Saki survive against  Boss encounters.  Serious Battle and  Reverse Attribute Field can nullify other units stats while only causing Saki to lose EVD.
  •  Path Blockers can be used to force an opponent to activate  Big Bang Bell. However, it can also be used by another player in order to activate  Big Bang Bell before it builds up enough damage to KO.
  • Trap cards that can benefit players such as  Encore and  Piggy Bank can be used to fool other players who may avoid them in fear of it being  Big Bang Bell.
Playing Against Saki
  • Card control such as  Gift Exchange,  Scrambled Eve, and  Flamethrower can cause Saki to lose her hyper before she's able to set it, and can take away defensive cards, leaving her vulnerable.
  •  Stiff Crystal and Kyoko's hyper,  Crystal Barrier both will prevent Saki's hyper from activating; however, the former is unreliable, along with being max 1.
  • Characters with offensive statlines such as Kai can bully Saki very easily if she lacks defensive battle cards.

Recommended Cards[]

Standard Recommended Viable

 Shield Counter
 Serious Battle
 Reverse Attribute Field

 Path Blockers

 Piggy Bank
 Quick Restoration
 Rainbow-Colored Circle

Counter Cards[]

Recommended Viable

 Gift Exchange
 Scrambled Eve
 Stiff Crystal

 Present Thief
 Bad Pudding