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Event Info
Title Santa Scramble
Xmas2018 logo.png
Start December 21st, 2018
End January 20th, 2019
Event Clock
Story Campaign Story
Update Version 1.31


There's little time until Christmas, and the children want a snow castle... a big one! Only you can help make it happen!

Witness the exciting new event storyline with story by Hono and ending illustration by artist Mo! Can Nico and Arthur combine their powers with the two Santas to save the children's Christmas?

  • The goal of the event is to build a Castle by gathering the most snow and placing as many parts as possible in the castle building screen.

Rule Changes[]

Xmas2018 tutorial 02.png

The main objective of the Santa Scramble event is gathering Snow Icon.png Snow to build a Castle. The snow is gathered by walking on snowy panels, KOing other players or initiating a Snowball Showdown.

Every 6 turns, players will be sent to the Castle Building screen. In here, players click parts they want to place at the bottom then place them in the frame above. Each part requires 5 Snow Icon.png Snow on the 1st round, 10 Snow Icon.png Snow on the 2nd round, 15 Snow Icon.png Snow on the 3rd round, and 20 Snow Icon.png Snow on the final round. Placement of parts during the Castle Building session does not consume snow. Players can choose to stop whenever in case they don't want to add any more parts to the castle.

After 24 chapters, the game ends, and the player with the most placed parts indicated by the Minicastle.png Mini Castle will be the winner. If there's a tie, the winner will be decided by normal means (Highest level wins, then highest score (stars and wins)).

Xmas2018 tutorial 04.png

To initiate a Snowball Showdown, press the "Throw" button, which costs 10 Snow Icon.png Snow. Any player that is 3 to 4 panels radius away from the attacker can be chosen as the target, while players 1 panel radius near the attacker and players 1 panel radius near the target will become their respective ally. While in battle, the person that chose the Throw option will go first.

When attacking, the player will need to guess to what panel the target will move, while when defending the player will try to avoid the incoming snowball by clicking in an adjacent panel to move. Take note that they can stand still by clicking on the currently standing panel. If the throw misses or there's more than 1 player on one side, the sides will switch and the attacker will become defender and viceversa. Hitting a player with a snowball will give half their Snow Icon.png Snow to the attacker.

These battles last until all players on one side are hit or 3 rounds of attack and defense have passed. After a battle, players cannot be fought again for 2 Chapters and will have the Chilly effect indicated by a Snowball nofight.png symbol floating around them.

New cards have been added to assist in the Snowball Showdown battles. They're listed as Battle Cards, however they're only usable during the Snowball Showdown game. 2 random cards from each player's decks are replaced by both of these new cards, giving 4 of each of these cards are added per game, giving the deck a total of 48.

Snowball Reflector.png
Snowball Reflector
Grown-up Snowball Fight.png
Grown-up Snowball Fight

Event Rewards[]

This event features a global counter on the main menu of the game where the total goal increases daily. The counter increases as players build castles, with the goal being 2000 castles built per day. New items were unlocked for all players with each daily goal reached. Daily goals stopped being refreshed and the event campaign completed on December 25th, upon reaching the final goal of 10000 castles built total.

Xmas2018 tutorial 00.png
Name Status Global Counter Milestone
Christmas 2018 Event intro cutscene Future 0 Castles (December 21)
White Christmas Tree Homemark Icon.pngWhite Christmas Tree Homemark New 2000 Castles (December 21)
Snow Dice.pngSnow Dice New 4000 Castles (December 22)
Snow Castle Homemark Icon.pngSnow Castle Homemark New 6000 Castles (December 23)
Ice Dice.pngIce Dice New 8000 Castles (December 24)
Christmas 2018 Event artwork New 10000 Castles (December 25)
Santa Scramble CostumesSanta Scramble Costume (Aru, Aru (Scramble), Nico, Arthur) New
ReinPet1.png Rein Pet New
Christmas 2018 Event ending cutscene Future
 Grown-up Snowball Fight (binder collectible) Future
 Snowball Reflector (binder collectible)

This event introduced the Christmas Currency.pngChristmas Wreaths currency, which was originally unique to this event but became obtainable in later events. Christmas Wreaths are earned at the end of online games during this event, with the amount earned being randomly chosen from 35, 36, 37 or 40 regardless of the player's performance.[1]

As of Version 1.31.4, Christmas Candy.pngCandy Canes were discontinued and converted to Oranges Icon.pngOranges, and Christmas Outfit Icon.pngChristmas Outfit colors and Waruda's PresentsWaruda Presents from previous events became purchasable with wreaths.

Name Status Unlock Method
Christmas Outfit Icon.pngChristmas Outfit color New / Returning Purchase in the shop for 50 Christmas Currency.pngChristmas Wreaths each.
Waruda's PresentsWaruda Presents Returning Purchase in the shop for 100 Christmas Currency.pngChristmas Wreaths each.
Santa Scramble CostumesSanta Scramble Costume* New Purchase in the shop for 100 Christmas Currency.pngChristmas Wreaths each.
ReinPet2.pngReinPet3.pngReinPet4.pngReinPet5.pngReinPet6.png Rein Pet (Variants) New Purchase in the shop for 200 Christmas Currency.pngChristmas Wreaths each after unlocking the ReinPet1.png Rein Pet.


  1. Confirmed by Fruitbat developer Sora on Discord.