Jonathan Rush
Move to an enemy and attack them.
Target gains -1 DEF.
After the battle, your turn ends.
Hyper Info
20 ★
"Squaawk!" ―Seagull


Seagull's Hyper is Jonathan Rush. When used, the player will be prompted to target a non-KO'd opponent. Upon doing so, the player will move to the target's current panel and initiate a battle with them. The target will gain -1 DEF for the duration of the battle. After the battle, the player's turn ends.

This effect does not count as a warp for the purposes of effects that trigger on warp.


Jonathan Rush allows the player to attack any player regardless of how far away they may be. As a result, a viable usage of this card is to pick off enemies with low HP. It is advised to combo this card with another attack-boosting card if dealing with characters with a high EVD stat. Another use of this card is to move to a more advantageous position on the board, such as near the player's home.

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