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Sherry (シェリー Sherī) is one of the playable characters in 100% Orange Juice. She was added to the game in DLC 6Sham & Sherry Character Pack.jpg alongside Sham. She originates from the game Flying Red Barrel in which she was one of the many minor antagonists.


  • Sherry will always attack second in battle.


  • Sherry's passive overrides most effects that would make her attack first in battle.
  • A small amount of effects take priority over Sherry's passive, allowing her to attack first.
  • In terms of turn order, Sherry's passive always overrides Iru's passive, granting her immunity to Iru's "1 damage" effect.


A calm and collected pilot who quit The Guild, Sherry is an experienced pilot with excellent play versatility. Sporting an HP stat of 5, a neutral REC stat, and above-average stats in ATK, DEF, and EVD, Sherry boasts a superior stat total to most of the cast that is only matched by fellow aviator Islay. Consequently, these stats enable Sherry to play either aggressively or defensively depending on the situation. Sherry should have little difficulty either defending or evading on  Encounter panels and KOing the opponent in response. She also shouldn't have much trouble surviving bosses. This can be beneficial over time as Sherry can potentially transition between wins and stars norma as needed based on the direction of the game. The most unusual aspect of Sherry, however, is her passive ability. In any combat Sherry enters, she will always be the defender and attack second. While this may not seem like an advantage on paper, it provides Sherry with utility not available to other characters. On  Encounter and  Boss panels (and against Bounty Hunt monsters), cards that can only be used when the player is defending can always be used, providing a massive boost to the player's survival potential. These battle cards are  Shield Counter,  Shield,  Tactical Retreat, and  Freight (Though the the last card Sherry must obtain it though a card such as  Gift Exchange.) (Even though Bounty Hunt monsters impose a  Final Battle-like effect, Shield Counter will end the battle after its effect.) Similarly, these cards can be used to counter opponent's Hyper cards late-game and can also be used to purposely land on a  Home panel by attacking and then ending the battle.

Sherry is not without flaw, however. Despite her strong stats, her passive can be troublesome. Since Sherry will more or less always attack second, she will always be prone to taking damage in combat. If an opponent rolls well, Sherry will be at risk of being KO'd before she can retaliate. An opponent with 1 HP maybe even be able to KO her before she can attack. This can be particularly problematic against bosses at 1 HP, given that they often roll incredibly powerful numbers that could very easily KO the player, even from full HP. Similarly, if the player is particularly unlucky, other players may be able to KO Sherry, as a result of her passive. Another disadvantage of Sherry is that her Hyper has very limited use.


As Sherry, you should aim to play safe and stay relatively passive. Her stats do allow her to take fights if needed however, if a good opportunity to take out a player shows itself or there is no other option to win, Sherry can take the fight. Sherry must keep her health in mind before fighting due to her passive however, as going second means fighting while at lower HP is even riskier than usual. The player should generally prioritize  Bonus panels over any other panel and prioritize  Encounter panels very low, possibly even taking a  Drop panel over them early game. Cards Sherry should look for are card control such as  Gift Exchange to remove other's options against her stats and boosted star generation, defensive cards such as  Shield to make it harder to take her down and protect her against boss, and healing such as  Pudding to heal back lost HP.


+Very strong base stats
+Can always use defensive battle cards, as a result of passive ability
+Not Hyper reliant
-Susceptible to  Reverse Attribute Field
-Always attacks second, so is always prone to taking hits in combat.