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As Sherry, you should aim to play safe and stay relatively passive. Her stats do allow her to take fights if needed however, if a good opportunity to take out a player shows itself or there is no other option to win, Sherry can take the fight. Sherry must keep her health in mind before fighting due to her passive however, as going second means fighting while at lower HP is even riskier than usual. The player should generally prioritize  Bonus panels over any other panel and prioritize  Encounter panels very low, possibly even taking a  Drop panel over them early game. Cards Sherry should look for are card control such as  Gift Exchange to remove other's options against her stats and boosted star generation, defensive cards such as  Shield to make it harder to take her down and protect her against boss, and healing such as  Pudding to heal back lost HP.


Playing As Sherry
  • Due to Sherry's passive  Shield Counter,  Shield, and  Tactical Retreat cannot be used against Sherry by other characters and is even able to be used against the Boss in order to ensure a safe fight or avoid it altogether.
  • Card control cards such as  Gift Exchange and  Flamethrower can help Sherry by removing cards from other characters who may use cards to overcome Sherry's strong stats through powerful hypers such as  Ubiquitous and  Extraordinary Specs or battle cards such as  Big Magnum.
  • Because Sherry nearly always goes second in combat, she is bound to take chip damage. Healing such as  Saki's Cookie and  Dinner help Sherry heal
  •  Play of the Gods is a viable card because when others use it they risk the card using  Whimsical Windmill while Sherry can use it at less risk to use helpful Event cards, especially  Gift Exchange.
Playing Against Sherry
  • Cards that negate Sherry's stats like  Serious Battle,  Reverse Attribute Field, and  Poppoformation can help the player deal more damage to Sherry.
  • Damaging Sherry greatly reduces her advantage in combat as she is required to go second in almost every fight, meaning the lower her HP, the more likely she is to die before hitting the opponent. Out of battle cards such as  Long-Distance Shot and  Indiscriminate Fire Support lower her HP out of battle.
  • Characters with a high ATK stat such as Tomomo are risky for Sherry to start fights with, as she must first endure the ATK roll of them before Sherry is able to hit back.  Big Magnum can also be used to raise your ATK to similarly high levels to force Sherry to take a high ATK roll.

Recommended Cards[]

Standard Recommended Viable

 Shield Counter
 Tactical Retreat

 Gift Exchange
 Saki's Cookie

 Bad Pudding
 Scrambled Eve
 Present Thief
 Play of the Gods

Counter Cards[]

Recommended Viable

 Big Magnum
 Long-Distance Shot
 Reverse Attribute Field
 Serious Battle

 Heat 300%
 Indiscriminate Fire Support
 Mimyuu's Hammer