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Turbo Charged
Turbo Charged.png
Drop to 1 HP.
Gain +1 ATK per lost HP.
Effect Duration: As many Chapters as lost HP.
Lose 1 ATK per turn for the duration.
Effect expires on KO.
Hyper Info
20 ★
Classic wo Shinjiro
"Rumble rumble rumble." -Shifu Robot


Shifu Robot's Hyper is Turbo Charged. Upon use, the player's HP will be set to 1, and the player will gain +1 ATK for every point of HP lost, indicated by the Turbo Charged stock effect. The player will lose one stack of this effect every chapter. In addition, the player will lose all stacks upon KO.


Turbo Charged serves as a very powerful ATK boost card that comes with a lot of risks. Since it drops Shifu Robot's HP to 1, care must be taken when using it. You will either need to make sure your opponent won't be able to retaliate, since Shifu Robot does not have the tools to avoid damage unless a card like  Rainbow-Colored Circle or  Desperate Modification is played, or you will have to heal up before challenging someone, losing out on some of the ATK boost for a lot more safety. The card is usually used at max HP and to specifically make use of the ATK boost on the chapter it is used, with the lingering ATK boost being more of a bonus. When used at full HP, Shifu Robot will have +5 ATK for an entire chapter.

 Portable Pudding is arguably enough the best card to combo with this Hyper, as it allows you to heal straight up again, removing any risk the Hyper would usually bring. It can also allow for exciting mind games, such as using the Hyper in front of a player in hopes they will challenge you, then turning the tables on them by healing up, most likely KOing them once you retaliate with your ATK boost.

Below is a table of the chances of you winning a fight without the opponent retaliating based on your ATK, also known as a "One-shot".

1-Hit KO










+4 ATK 41.67% 58.33% 72.22% 72.22% 83.33% 27.78% 41.67% 58.33% 8.33% 41.67%
+5 ATK 58.33% 72.22% 83.33% 83.33% 91.67% 41.67% 58.33% 72.22% 16.67% 58.33%
+6 ATK 72.22% 83.33% 91.67% 91.67% 97.22% 58.33% 72.22% 83.33% 27.78% 72.22%

If you don't have Portable Pudding on hand, unless the reward is worth it or you are desperately trying to turn a game around, using the Hyper on its own against opponents with >=5HP and a >=0 DEF stat is typically not worth the risk. Combining the Hyper with cards like  I'm on Fire!,  Big Magnum or  Accel Hyper on the other hand can drastically improve your chances of KOing your opponent, allowing you to take on full HP targets with much more confidence. Note that using  Big Magnum will require a bit of planning, as you will typically have to use the Hyper on the chapter before the auto-heal kicks in to get the HP to use it.

 Gentleman's Battle will typically require one of the aforementioned cards to be worth using, as you will only get to use it when 1 Stack of Turbo Charged has run out, reducing your ATK to +4 without additional cards. When the situation presents itself however, Shifu Robot is offered great flexibility as it can pick a safe spot on the map and snipe whoever it wants, often turning games around on the spot.

Alternatively, using  Party Time before the Hyper can set the scene for devastating plays, as it allows Shifu Robot to put all players within range regardless of their HP to attack with its boosted ATK. The downside to this card, however, is that Shifu Robot might fail to reach the target and that Shifu Robot might end up in uncomfortable situations if some players have too much HP.

To ensure that Shifu Robot will actually survive after using the Hyper, the player should have healing cards like  Dinner or  Pudding on hand or, at the very least, time the usage of the card with Shifu Robot's passive or other healing effects, such as Regeneration or a  Home panel. Failure to do so will leave Shifu Robot in its most vulnerable state, prone to lose whatever stars it gained with the usage of the Hyper.

Before using the Hyper the player should also assess the likelihood of them actually reaching the target they want to challenge; if the target is further than 3 spaces away it generally is not worth the risk of not reaching them and being a sitting duck for any other player to KO you.

 Desperate Modification will only grant improved chances of KOing a target when the odds are already stacked against you, such as against a full HP Fernet (16.67% > 25% when DM is used with an ATK boost of +5). In any other situation, it will typically keep the chances of a successful One-Shot the same, or make them worse.  Lucky Sevens has a similar effect, though with more negligible changes in chance.

And at last,  Quick Restoration can be used when you want to "weaken" opponents in battles before using the Hyper, keeping your HP high so you can get the full ATK boost in case the battle has put them into appropriate range next turn.

The player should be wary of cards like  Shield Counter or  Reverse Attribute Field which can lead Shifu Robot to fail the encounter and get KO'd. At the same time, running around the board at 1 HP will incite players to use cards that deal damage at a distance such as  Long-Distance Shot or  x16 Big Rocket, or the possibility of rolling into a  Mimyuu's Hammer set by MinelayerMinelayer
Every 3 Chapters, a Trap Card will be set on a randomly determined panel. These Trap Cards are not affiliated with the Center Deck, and will therefore not return to the Center Deck afterwards. The cards include: Dangerous Puddingicon.png Dangerous Pudding, Bad Puddingicon.png Bad Pudding, and Mimyuu's Hammericon.png Mimyuu's Hammer
, losing the stock effect.