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Playing As Shifu Robot
  • Healing cards are imperative here, as having full health is crucial for Turbo Charged. Saki's Cookieicon.png Saki's Cookie, Dinnericon.png Dinner, Puddingicon.png Pudding, & Portable Puddingicon.png Portable Pudding are all good choices for a Shifu Robot deck.
  • Rbitsicon.png Rbits & Shield Countericon.png Shield Counter are excellent defensive options to help stay alive.
  • Dash!icon.png Dash! helps you reach a Home Panel much faster in order to heal up.
  • Shield Countericon.png Shield Counter & Tactical Retreaticon.png Tactical Retreat are also excellent options. Tactical Retreat excels in the early game, while Shield Counter is potent in the late game.
  • Extendicon.png Extend can revive Shifu Robot to full HP next turn, instead of just 1 HP.
Playing Against Shifu Robot
  • If the player is able to pursue Shifu Robot in the early chapters of the game, when it is still at low HP, the player can KO it for 2 easy wins.
  • Sealed Guardianicon.png Sealed Guardian is highly effective against Shifu Robot. Not only does it make it unable to use its Hyper, it also sets it up to get bullied multiple times in a row by other characters.
  • Reverse Attribute Fieldicon.png Reverse Attribute Field and Shield Countericon.png Shield Counter are brutal against a Shifu Robot that has used its Hyper previously.

Counter Cards

Recommended Viable
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