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Event Info
Title Shroom Zoom
Event shroom logo.png
Start September 18th, 2020
End October 18th, 2020
Event Clock
Story Campaign Story
Update Version 3.0


Ellie and Lulu are searching for 2 rare mushrooms, when they run into trouble...!?

  • The goal of the event is to increase the global counter by picking up legendary mushrooms in the Shroom Zoom game mode, or in other modes with the Spores field event/mixer enabled. In addition, the Fungus Cave shop icon.png Fungus Cave board was added and was made available for all players to use for the duration of the event.

Rule Changes[]

Shroom tutorial 02.png

The Shroom Zoom event features a new field event named Spores. When activated, this field event places mushrooms on 2-3 random panels across the board. The event also introduces the new Shroom Zoom game mode, which is identical to Normal Mode except with the addition of having the Spores field event innately enabled (not taking up a Field Event slot). In Shroom Zoom Mode, mushrooms will appear every 2 chapters, while the Spores field event enables mushrooms to appear every 3 chapters.

Upon landing on the panel with a mushroom on it, the player will be granted a special mushroom card corresponding to the color of the mushroom that was picked up. These mushroom cards have a level and star cost of 0, and will have a randomly selected effect when played. Once a mushroom card has been played, that color of mushroom card will maintain the same effect for the rest of the game. There are a total of 10 different mushroom colors (not counting legendary mushrooms).

Shroom tutorial 04.png
After any player has reached Norma 4, the Spores event can start spawning legendary mushrooms; Legendary Red Mushroom and Phantom Blue Mushroom. Multiple legendary mushrooms can spawn, but once one is picked up, all other legendary mushrooms will vanish, and no more will spawn for the rest of the game. This means only one legendary mushroom may be picked up per game. Legendary mushrooms will always be Gift cards with powerful effects (see Mushroom Types and Effects).

A total of 10 common mushrooms will spawn, with varying effects that will randomly be selected from a pool. From those 10 mushroom cards, 5 will be Boost cards and 5 will be Battle cards. The mushroom effects stay consistent throughout the match and only change when a new game is started. The effects listed with more than 1 value will randomly pick from values 1 to 3. Two repeating effects can appear in the same match if one is the effect of a Battle card and the other of an Event card.

The following is a list of all possible effects:

Common Mushroom Effects
Gain +1/2/3 MOV on your next movement roll. Gain -1/2/3 MOV on your next movement roll.
Gain Lvl x 1/2/3/4/5 stars. Lose Lvl x 1/2/3/4/5 stars.
Gain 1/2/3 HP. Lose 1/2/3 HP.
Gain +1/2/3 ATK during this battle. Gain -1/2/3 ATK during this battle.
Gain +1/2/3 DEF during this battle. Gain -1/2/3 DEF during this battle.
Gain +1/2/3 EVD during this battle. Gain -1/2/3 EVD during this battle.
Heal 1/2/3 HP. Take 1/2/3 damage.
Only roll 1 in this battle. Only roll 6 in this battle.
Gain Frostwalker for 1/2/3 chapters. Gain Confusion for 1/2/3 chapters.
Draw 2 cards. Discard a random card.
Warp to a random panel. Gain 1 win.
No effect. (Boost) No effect. (Battle)
Mush sred.pngMush sblue.png
Two legendary mushrooms that work as Gift cards will also spawn when a player reaches Lvl 4. Once one is picked up, any other legendary mushroom will disappear, and the only way to get more to spawn is to discard the currently active legendary mushroom. Legendary mushrooms will only spawn for the duration of the event.
Legendary Mushroom Effects
Gain +Lvl stars from all sources. On Battle KO, winner steals this card if it's a player.
Gain +1 Win from all sources. On Battle KO, winner steals this card if it's a player.

Event Rewards[]

All drops can be earned in both single and multiplayer, but multiplayer is advised.

This event features two global counters on the main menu of the game. As legendary mushrooms are picked up, the percentage of each global counter is increased. Legendary mushrooms will contribute to the counter as long as they are picked up, regardless of whether they are used, discarded, or picked up by a CPU. Once certain percentage milestones were reached, new items were unlocked for all players. Each global counter also gives separate rewards.

Any legendary mushrooms picked up contribute to the counter, meaning that games in Shroom Zoom Mode, games in Normal Mode with the Spores field event active, and games in Co-op Mode with the Spores mixer active can all count towards the goal. It is possible to obtain all unlocked rewards from both global counters for as long as the event is active.

Legendary Red Mushrooms[]

Name Status Global Counter Milestone
Red Mushroom Dice.pngRed Mushroom Dice New 33.33%
Mushroom Homemark Icon.pngMushroom Homemark New 66.67%

Phantom Blue Mushrooms[]

Name Status Global Counter Milestone
Blue Mushroom Dice.pngBlue Mushroom Dice New 33.33%
Pizza Homemark Icon.pngPizza Homemark New 66.67%

Both Counters[]

Name Status Global Counter Milestones
Shroom Zoom intro cutscene New 0.00%, 0.00%
Shroom Zoom ending cutscene and artwork New 100.00%, 100.00%
Mushroom Accessory Icon.pngMushroom Accessory (Ellie, Lulu, Poppo) New
Mushroom Accessory Icon.pngMushroom Accessory (Maynie, Arnelle) New (Future)
Fungus Cave shop icon.png Fungus Cave board New