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Slick Moves.jpg Slick Moves
Slip on a BanaNana into another BanaNana.

Slick Moves is a Steam achievement in 100% Orange Juice!


  • Step on two  BanaNana traps in the same turn.


  • If DLC 7Breaker Pack.jpg is owned, playing Star Breaker Episode 4 on Casual difficulty can make this achievement easier since the CPUs do not land on their home panels often.
  • A good way to achieve this condition is to place a BanaNana trap both on your home panel and a few panels before it. Then, use  Path Blockers and target yourself; enter into the panel where you placed BanaNana, it will prompt to roll again, and stop on your home panel with BanaNana. During this process, cards that gives more movement dice such as  Dash!,  Overtime, or  Guidance of the Weathercock are recommended to prevent a low movement roll after triggering the first BanaNana.