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Battle Card
Snowball Reflector.png
On this defense turn, any snowball that would hit you will hit the unit that threw them instead. Ignore unit effects that would prevent this card from being played.
2 ☆
10 ★
1 per Deck
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"A-and it comes right back at you!" ―Aru

Snowball Reflector is a special Battle card that is automatically placed in the center deck during the Santa Scramble event. A total of 4 copies are available per game, along with 4 copies of  Grown-up Snowball Fight. Originally, these cards were added to the deck, giving the deck a total of 56 cards instead of the usual 48.[1]. As of Version 1.31.4, they will instead replace two cards from each player's deck, keeping the deck at the usual 48 cards. Snowball Reflector is unique in that although it is listed as a Battle card, it is used only in snowball fights rather than battles.


Snowball Reflector can only be played during the defensive round of a snowball fight. When this card is activated, any snowballs that hit the user will be reflected at the thrower, hitting them and knocking them out of the snowball fight. This can give you an edge in a situation when you're outnumbered, as it has a chance to reduce the number of attackers. It can also be used as a counter to  Grown-up Snowball Fight, by moving yourself into a corner to trick them into using Grown-Up Snowball Fight to get a guaranteed hit, then unleashing this card to take them out.


  • Although 4 copies of the card are put in the deck and it cannot be decked by the player, Snowball Reflector's description lists it as a Max 1 copy limit card. This is most likely because, after the replacement of the 2 cards, each player will have 8 cards that they chose, 1 Snowball Reflector, and 1  Grown-up Snowball Fight, following the Max 1 restriction.


  1. Confirmed by Rive on Discord.