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Some People Have All the Luck!.jpg Some People Have All the Luck!
Fail the Final Revive Roll

Some People Have All the Luck! is a Steam achievement in 100% Orange Juice.


  • Fail the "Roll 2 or higher" revive roll.


  • The only variable you have control over for this particular achievement is the amount of revive rolls you have to fail. For most characters, it's 4, since their initial revive roll requirement is 5. However, for Peat, Syura, and Nanako, their revive roll requirements starts at 4, thus they'd only have to fail 3 revive rolls total before they were 'auto-revived' on the fourth turn. The same goes for all three enemy characters. So in terms of probability, playing as any of those six would be the most beneficial for this achievement. Also statistically speaking, Chicken tends to die the most, hence spends the most time in revive, hence is basically the quickest way. You may also wish to consider using Tomato & Mimyuu. While Mimyuu's REC is 1 and that means she can't attempt this achievement, Tomato's REC is 3 which means she only has to attempt to revive twice.
  • It's theoretically possible when getting down to the last few rolls, to have a Sham in multiplayer hyper for you, some of which would do regardless, guaranteeing a 1 roll, although might be more trouble than its worth.
  • As an aside, this achievement will not unlock if you are auto-revived by some effect, such as  Extend,  Forced Revival, or a character passive.