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Playing As Sora
  • While Sora isn't reliant on her Hyper to win,  Extraordinary Specs still allows her to make powerful plays in the later stages of the game. Bringing cards like  Nice Present increases the odds of drawing it while  President's Privilege can mitigate its high cost.
  • Combining  Extraordinary Specs with  Final Battle or  Accel Hyper will almost guarantee that Sora will KO her opponent but she'll be left at a huge disadvantage if this expensive combo gets countered. Be weary of a possible  Shield Counter and characters with powerful battle Hypers.
  •  Little War can be used to a similar effect as  Final Battle but because of the high cost it's best to rely on  Play of the Gods to get it into play.
  • Because  Extraordinary Specs guarantees a 6 for her movement roll it's important to be mindful of the possible panels Sora could land on when she has access to her Hyper, especially if the  Boss is low on HP or if Sora has the opportunity to finish her final Norma by landing on an opponent's  Home. Be aware that  Ice,  Goo and  Windy Enchantment can change the number of panels that Sora will move.
  •  Party Time can help Sora set up  Extraordinary Specs as it'll put all opponents in range of her Hyper. Even if used by someone else, depending on the move order she could still use her Hyper to attack an opponent that moves before her while protecting herself from opponents that move after her.
  •  Assault can be devastating for an opponent that lands on it while Sora is under the effect of  Extraordinary Specs but this is difficult to set up.
  •  Sink or Swim can be combined with  Extraordinary Specs to take out a low HP opponent with relatively little risk and a potentially high reward.
Playing Against Sora
  • Sora's biggest threat is her Hyper but it can be played around by staying behind her. High ATK characters can take advantage of her low HP and try to take her out without exposing themselves to her Hyper and even non-aggressive characters should consider attacking into Sora to prevent themselves from moving in front of her if they're afraid she could use  Extraordinary Specs.
  • Since  Extraordinary Specs guarantees a high attack roll, cards that raise your DEF are preferred since successfully evading is very unlikely. Cards like  Shield,  Rbits and especially  Shield Counter can be used to survive against the Hyper.
  • Cards like  Brutal Prank and  Flamethrower can be used to deny Sora access to her Hyper, making her less threatening in the late game.
  • While  Scrambled Eve and  Gift Exchange can be used to steal  Extraordinary Specs from Sora, it's possible that it might end up in the hands of an even scarier opponent and with no way to tell who could have access to the powerful Hyper the risk of using these cards might not be worth the reward.
  • Because Sora can control her movement with the use of  Extraordinary Specs, cards like  Out of Ammo,  Here and There and even  Party Time can be used to prevent her from landing on a  Home or sniping a  Boss.

Recommended Cards[]

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Counter Cards[]

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