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Sora & Sham (Cuties)
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For the alternate versions of this character, see: Sora, Sora (Military), Sham

Sora & Sham (Cuties) (ソラ&シャム(アイドル) Sora & Shamu (Aidoru)), also referred as just Cuties, are one of the playable characters in 100% Orange Juice!. They were added to the game in DLC 21 and are both the first dual-character that does not feature any switch between the two characters and the first DLC to only feature a single unit. Sora and Sham both originate from the game Sora, where both were close friends.


  • Can only choose Stars Norma.
  • For every unique Event card used, gain 1 stack of Events Crashed, which grants [1 x number of stacks] additional stars from all sources.
  • In battle, randomly gain either +1 ATK or +1 DEF.


  • When leveling up, Norma selection is skipped and the Stars Norma is chosen automatically as the next Norma objective.
  • In Co-op Mode, despite both Norma objectives being active simultaneously, the Cuties are not able to redeem Wins Norma for the team.
  • Cuties's Stars Norma passive does not apply in Bounty Hunt Mode; Fame Norma is able to be redeemed normally.
  • Events Crashed stacks are not granted for using Event cards that have already been used by the player before in that game.


Ready to perform a live concert with music and dance, the Cuties are the idol version of Sora and Sham, featuring a mix of each other's original stats. A powerful duo, the Cuties feature a below average health stat of 4, a boosted evasion stat, neutral recovery, and passive that provides a bonus +1 buff to attack or defense randomly every battle. As a result, the player will essentially be using either Sora or Sham every combat phase, both of whom are strong characters. This provides the duo with both survivability through a boosted evasion and defense and a decent amount of attack power when they receive extra attack. Either way, the Cuties benefit greatly by having no negative stats to compensate for their lackluster health pool, making them a force to be reckoned with. The duo also has a powerful secondary passive which enables them to gain additional stars for every different event card the player activates, when they receive stars from any source. While the effect may seem minimal, it can enable the Cuties to amass stars quickly, as each chapter start will have an extra boost as will each  Bonus panel and card effect that grants stars. The stacks of Events Crashed also never deplete which makes the effect that much more powerful over time, especially if begun early in the game. The effect being based on event cards is also beneficial, as there are often multiple ones in the deck, and the player can bring weaker cards like  We Are Waruda to feed the passive with little risk to themselves. The Cuties also feature an extremely powerful hyper card this if used correctly can provide them with mountains of stars during the end game.

While very strong, the Cuties are not without their faults. Like any 4 hp character with only an evasion stat to rely on, the Cuties are very susceptible to  Boss panels, if the player does not receive +1 defense. Likewise, since the bonus stats are provided at random, they may not give the stat the player needs at the time such as defense during an assault and vice versa. Also, given that the stat boosts are only +1s, they may prove to give extremely exciting results or barely help at all depending on the player's luck. The Cuties also are unable to use wins norma which, while better than the alternative situation, can be a problem on boards like Tomomo's Abyss where combat and wins often plays a big role.


+Always has 2 of 3 above average stats
+Excellent passives
+Very powerful low level Hyper
-Below average HP stat
-Hyper requires effective timing and becomes more expensive with each level
-Passive restricts wins norma, making it more difficult to win in some situations