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Star Blasting FuseInvisible Bomb
Star Blasting Fuse
Star Blasting Fuse.png
Set "Invisible Bomb" on 3-5 random panels.
Hyper Info
30 ★
"Because I am Star Breaker, the blasting fuse to the world's end." -Star Breaker


Star Breaker has two Hypers, one of which will generate copies of the other.

Star Breaker's main Hyper is Star Blasting Fuse. When used, copies of the Trap card Invisible Bomb will be randomly set on 3-5 random panels on the board. The number of traps placed is dependent upon the size of the board. These traps count as being set by the player.

Star Breaker's secondary Hyper is Invisible Bomb. This card cannot be obtained in the hand, and can only be placed on the board using Star Blasting Fuse. In addition, this trap is only visible to the player who set it.

This card has varying effects depending on which player triggers it.

  • When this card is triggered by an opponent, it will set the HP of the affected unit as well as all non-KO'd units on the same panel to 1.
  • When this card is triggered by the player who set it, it will have no effect.
When this card is discarded after being triggered, it is removed from the game rather than being sent to the discard pile.
This card uses unique Sb bomb00 - Copy.png bomb sprites instead of the standard trap card sprites.


Star Blasting Fuse[]

  • The number of Invisible Bomb traps that are placed when using this card is dependent upon the size of the board. Specifically, this is determined by the total number of panels on the board layout (excluding natural  Ice panels).
Panel Count Traps Placed
41 panels or fewer 3
42-53 panels 4
54 panels or more 5


Star Blasting Fuse is a relatively inconsistent Hyper due to its random trap placement. When activated, the resulting Invisible Bomb traps become an unseen hazard to any player unfortunate enough to land on one. The main advantage of this Hyper is that it affords Star Breaker an excellent opportunity to KO an opponent while they're at their most vulnerable at 1 HP. As a result, it can be extremely effective against high HP and tank characters such as Kyoko. While the Hyper itself is quite expensive for most characters at the price of 30 stars, the price is advantageous for Star Breaker as it will enable her to deplete her star count if she is near being KO'd. Also, since she cannot complete Star Norma, the Hyper is essentially free for use as long as she has enough stars, and there is little reason to hold onto the card for very long.

Perhaps the best aspect to the Hyper is the mechanics behind it. Similar to an instant KO effect, the Hyper sets the opponent's HP to 1 rather than dealing damage, which means the effect will counter through the HP increase of  Dance, Long-Eared Beasts! and still decrease the opponent's HP, even if they are using  Solid Witch.

The blatant disadvantages to Star Blasting Fuse is that the traps must be triggered by the opponent. Also, another player may be able to get the KO instead of Star Breaker, which may be problematic based on the current standings. The Hyper can also be dangerous for Star Breaker if she is playing against Syura or Alte, as the trap will make them more likely to use their Hypers in response.


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