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Stars are one of the 2 primary currency required for purchasing many collectible items sold in the shop. Among the primary currencies, Stars are the standard currency in 100% Orange Juice!. With stars, players will be able to buy most of the items in the game. Stars are very easy to collect, as the player will receive them after every online game. Stars are also not stored not stored in the user's steam inventory. This currency has a maximum cap of 99999.

Earning Stars[]

When the player completes an online game they will normally receive stars and oranges as a reward and will generally receive more the better they do during the match.

When the player completes a game in singleplayer or online, they will immediately be met with a "Breakdown of Gained Stars" menu. This menu displays the performance of the player during the game, and the stars awarded based on the player's performance in the game during the match. After the amount has been calculated, the player receives stars equal to the total at the bottom of the menu, as well as EXP if playing online.

Bonuses Calculation
Owned Stars Current player star count.
Level Bonus Achieved norma level x 50Stars Icon.png.
Enemy Bonus Wins x 10Stars Icon.png.
Rank Bonus
  • Victory (any mode): 300Stars Icon.png.
  • Loss (Co-op mode): 150Stars Icon.png.
  • Loss (other modes): 1st 150Stars Icon.png, 2nd 100Stars Icon.png, 3rd 50Stars Icon.png, 4th 0Stars Icon.png.
Campaign Bonus Win a Campaign match. Stars given depend on selected episode. Casual difficulty awards 25% fewer stars and Extreme difficulty awards 25% more stars.
Boss Bonus Number of standard bosses slain x 100Stars Icon.png. (Does not count any indirect means of boss KO. Does not count Co-op bosses.)
Card Master Play at least 12 cards in a single game. From the 13th card and beyond, gain 50Stars Icon.png for each card played.
Trap Meister
  • Place traps down and have other players land on them; minimum requirement 5. 200Stars Icon.png bonus.
  • Number of traps landed after minimum x 50Stars Icon.png. Example: 10 traps landed. 5x50 = 250+200 = 450Stars Icon.png
Avenger Drop to 1 HP from full in battle and KO the opponent. 300Stars Icon.png bonus.
Survivor Never get KO'd. 200Stars Icon.png bonus.
Misfortune Land on 10 or more traps. Number of traps landed on x 10Stars Icon.png.
Star Decay 1% Stars Icon.png loss per chapter after Chapter 60.

Collectibles Requiring[]

Update History[]

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V1.6
  • Added Star Decay: Games running for over 60 Chapters now suffer a 1% penalty to stars per chapter past 60.