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Banned for Life
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Can only play Gift cards. Using this card sends it to another player. Discards entire hand upon discard.
Hyper Info
Stars / 10 ★
Banned for Life Icon.png
"Manager, it's your turn!!" -Chris


Store Manager's Hyper is Banned for Life. When this Gift card is held, the player will be unable to use any cards other than Gift cards. If this card is discarded, all other cards in the player's hand will be discarded along with it. Upon use, this card will be sent to another random player instead of being sent to the discard pile.

If multiple copies of Banned for Life are held, the effect will not stack.

When holding this card, a Banned for Life Icon.png icon will hover around the player.


Banned for Life serves two main purposes. The first one is that it can be used to prevent a player from using a powerful card, such as a Hyper. If Manager recognizes another player possesses a Hyper Card, he can deny their use and be able to attack them safely. Its second use is making someone drop their entire hand, including Store Manager. It's recommended that Manager keeps the card in his hand, since it's one of the few cards that allows him to drop his entire hand with minimal damage.