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For the alternate versions of this character, see: Suguri (Ver.2), Suguri (46 Billion Years)

Suguri (スグリ Suguri) is one of the four starting characters in 100% Orange Juice!, that the player can select when creating a new save file. She originates from the game SUGURI in which she was the title character.




At over 10,000 years of age, Suguri is the protector of the earth, ready to fight those who would harm it with a mix of speed and power. Suguri features a specialized build, constructed around a rare, powerful +2 evasion and a slightly buffed attack stat to compensate for her below average health and defense stat. Suguri is unique in that she is the only character with a +2 evasion and positive attack value, which gives her a combat edge not afforded to any other unit. With these stats, Suguri is able to use a hit-and-run strategy against opponents, fight repeatedly against weaker opponents, often times dealing decent damage and escaping without even a scratch. In particular, Suguri can easily dominate heavily defensive characters like Fernet with endless bullying, as she will more than likely be able to evade their counter-attack, thanks in part to their debuffed attacked stat. Likewise, most  Encounter panels will not be too much of a problem for Suguri, as long as the player rolls wells enough to KO the opponent or dodge them if they fail. Suguri also has the advantage of being one of the characters that benefits the most from the battle card  Rainbow-Colored Circle, which enables her to dodge even the most vicious of attacks, like those of a boss. She also features a decent late game, with a hyper can be used to deal a massive amount of damage if timed properly or combined with another card for maximum effect.

While her main strength, Suguri's main weakness also stems from her stats, which come out at a rather unfortunate price. Suguri's power output and evasion ability are only exceeded by her fragility, as her slightly below average HP stat is further exacerbated by her debuffed defense stat. As a result of her stat spread, powerful opponent attacks are particularly problematic for Suguri, forcing the player to often think over the pros and cons of evading, as they stand to lose a great amount of progress if they fail to evade. The player will need to understand their defense and evasion odds better than other characters when faced with a high opponent roll, as it might be a game defining combat. For instance, if the opponent rolls a 5, Suguri will have a 50% chance of being KO'd if she evades because the player will need to roll at least a 4 for her buffed evasion to protect her. If she defends instead, she will have a 33% chance of being KO'd, as the player must roll at least a 3 to survive. Thus the player should generally try to avoid combat with opponents who are not already injured and dodge  Boss panels when without a hyper, to avoid the possibility of being KO'd.


Like most characters in the cast, Suguri should generally aim for star norma but she can play either side depending on the player's luck and the board. If the player is having particularly good RNG, wins norma may be possible, but should not be considered the main method of victory. Early on in the game, evading and starting on the offensive is more advisable as the player will not fall back much from being KO'd and has the possibility to gain a lead over other opponents. In the late game of norma 4 and beyond, Suguri can use her hyper to defeat other players who have collected a large number of stars to put herself back in the lead or defend herself likes of bosses and pursuing opponents.


+Great stats
+Good duelist
+Hyper is great for assassinating a particular opponent
-Reliant on evade success
-Hyper is expensive and high level
-"All or nothing" playstyle