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Playing As Suguri
  • Cards such as  Final Battle and  Little War can make a nice combo with Suguri's Hyper, as she will be able to make the most out of her doubled attack dice, and have a very high chance of KOing the opponent. However the high star cost of these cards in combination with her hyper makes the combo quite risky.
  • Using  Accelerator at the start of the turn, then using  Accel Hyper during the battle will make the player roll four dice when they attack, almost guaranteeing the opponent's death.
  • Speed based cards such as  Windy Enchantment and  Dash! can be very effective in helping Suguri catch up to an opponent in advance of her Hyper, or to help her escape an attacking opponent.
  •  Rainbow-Colored Circle pairs very nicely with Suguri's evasion stats as, while the card will lower her already low defense, it provides her with a total evasion stat of +4.
  •  I'm on Fire! can be used when playing aggressively to temporarily act as a bully character, giving Suguri a total ATK stat of +2. However, it does lower her defense, and is best used when there is little fear of retaliation.
  •  President's Privilege can be used to offset  Accelerator's expensive star cost.
  • Cards like  Nice Present,  Princess's Privilege, and  Home Improvement can increase the player's chances of picking up Suguri's powerful Hyper.
Playing Against Suguri
  • If Suguri is playing defensively,  Reverse Attribute Field can be deadly against her. While the card will booster her DEF stat slightly, it will prevent her from being able to rely on her powerful EVD.
  • As Suguri's Hyper,  Accelerator, is mainly about timing, cards such as  Shield Counter can render the Hyper's power void by cancelling her ability to attack while also dealing damage.

Recommended Cards

Standard Recommended Viable

 Rainbow-Colored Circle
 Nice Present
 President's Privilege
 I'm on Fire!

 Little War
 Final Battle
 Quick Restoration
 Long-Distance Shot
 Princess's Privilege
 Mimyuu's Hammer
 Heat 300%
 Piyopiyo Procession
 Sealed Guardian
 Here and There
 Cloud of Seagulls
 Forced Revival
 Mix Phenomenon

Counter Cards

Recommended Viable

 Tactical Retreat
 Shield Counter
 Tragedy in the Dead of Night
 Gift Exchange
 Reverse Attribute Field

 Saki's Cookie
 Flip Out
 Big Magnum
 Bad Pudding
 Go Away
 Sealed Memories
 Holy Night
 Out of Ammo
 Oh My Friend
 Brutal Prank
 Present Thief
 Scrambled Eve