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Sumika (スミカ Sumika), also known as Navi (ナビ Nabi) or Puyo Puyo Mascot (ぷよぷよマスコット Puyopuyo Masukotto), is one of the playable characters in 100% Orange Juice!. She was added to the game in DLC 25

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, alongside Suguri (46 Billion Years).




Sporting an above average attack and evasion stat, Sumika is a well-rounded unit with an unusual hyper that has the potential to flip entire games on their head. Sumika's overall build makes her a very good passive unit. Her average HP and above average evasion stat can be used to weasel her way around attacks and dish out a formidable counter-attack, if she survives, that is. While Sumika is best played passively, she can also pick off wild enemies by landing on PEncounter.png  Encounter panels, and dodge returning attacks effectively. Sumika's build allows her to hold up well in combat-based boards like Tomomo's Abyss where many passive characters fall flat. Sumika can also clean up injured opponents with her above average attack and take their hard-earned stars.

Sumika's first disadvantage is her hyper's functionality. Other players may not play or discard useful cards, sometimes even intentionally. When other players do play useful cards and hypers, these cards can sometimes be pushed into the discard pile by other plays that happen in the same turn, out of reach from Sumika's hyper. This happens very commonly when many battle cards are played in battles where the stakes are high. On top of all of this, the player will also have to have a good understanding of how the discard pile works, and track discards throughout the game. Sumika's other disadvantage is her low defense stat. Sumika depends on high evasion rolls to survive attacks and counter-attacks. Powerful opponent attacks, especially those of Star Breaker are very effective at KO'ing Sumika. While her average HP may be enough to escape from a single attack without being KO'd, it may not be enough to escape following attacks.


+Good passive unit
+Returns powerful counter-attacks
+Hyper can be extremely powerful
-Doesn't particularly excel in anything
-Situational hyper
-Hyper is dependent on how other players play
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