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Beyond Hell
Beyond Hell.png
During this battle, gain +1 to ATK, DEF and EVD for every HP you are missing.
Hyper Info
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"Syura's powers go beyond Hell itself! Allow me to demonstrate!" ―Syura


Syura's Hyper is Beyond Hell. When used in a battle, the player gains ATK, DEF, and EVD equal to the difference between their maximum HP and their current HP.


Beyond Hell gives Syura the ability to deter people from attacking her while she is low on HP by giving her one battle where she can effectively dodge and attack. It's also useful on stages that reduce HP through the Air Raid field event or against opponents who have lower attack, such as QP. It is directly countered by indirect damage that would effectively KO Syura, like  Flamethrower or Marc's  x16 Big Rocket.

Note that while you can still use the card at full HP, doing so grants no benefits. Also, the defense bonus is meaningless while you are at 1 HP, as attempting to defend will result in being KO'd regardless.

Beware if the card falls into the hands of another player through cards such as  Tragedy in the Dead of Night or  Gift Exchange, especially if higher-HP opponents such as Marie Poppo, Shifu, Fernet, or Kyousuke are opponents. Their higher maximum HP allows them to make better use of this Hyper than Syura herself while they're low on HP; the latter two can effectively tank until they're at 1 or 2 HP to make the most of it.