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Playing As Syura
  • Saki's Cookieicon.png Saki's Cookie is a good way of staying topped off when Syura has the lead or after playing on low HP.
  • Big Magnumicon.png Big Magnum is a great offensive card to KO an opponent if you lack Beyond Hellicon.png Beyond Hell as well a good way of lowering her HP to set up a stronger Beyond Hellicon.png Beyond Hell.
  • I'm on Fire!icon.png I'm on Fire! is a fine offensive option if Syura is low on 1 HP without her Hyper if she desperately needs to get a KO.
  • Rainbow-Colored Circleicon.png Rainbow-Colored Circle is a nice way of living against +1 ATK units while also not marring the effect of her own battle cards.
  • Tactical Retreaticon.png Tactical Retreat is a good defensive option as typically Syura will not attack others without a battle card of her own.
Playing Against Syura

Counter Cards

Recommended Viable

Gift Exchangeicon.png Gift Exchange
Shieldicon.png Shield
Shield Countericon.png Shield Counter
Rbitsicon.png Rbits
Serious Battleicon.png Serious Battle
Reverse Attribute Fieldicon.png Reverse Attribute Field
Dinnericon.png Dinner
Flamethrowericon.png Flamethrower
Present Thieficon.png Present Thief
Long-Distance Shoticon.png Long-Distance Shot

Scrambled Eveicon.png Scrambled Eve
Bad Puddingicon.png Bad Pudding
Tragedy in the Dead of Nighticon.png Tragedy in the Dead of Night
Cloud of Seagullsicon.png Cloud of Seagulls
Out of Ammoicon.png Out of Ammo
Brutal Prankicon.png Brutal Prank

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