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Tag Team.jpg Tag Team
It's all about timing (DLC6)

Tag Team is a Steam achievement in 100% Orange Juice. It is one of 6 achievements included within DLC 6.


  • As Sham, use  Delta Field to cause another player to be KO'd on a boss panel.


  • Must be a boss panel; being KO'd by another player or by an encounter panel will not award the achievement.
  • As achievement description says, it's all in the timing.
  • Wait for one if not more players to be within one square of a boss panel, preferably when they are not at full health, hyper, and pray they don't have  Dash!,  Here and There,  Mix Phenomenon, or one of the many hypers that can defeat Delta Field, such as  Protagonist's Privilege,  Extraordinary Specs, or  Subspace Tunnel.

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