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Taunts are a special type of feature which can be used during a match. Taunts can be customized for each character by going to Player Info -> Taunts from the main menu. Each character in the game has 10 different taunts (Tomato & Mimyuu count as separate characters, and can therefore have 10 taunts each for a total of 20 taunts equipped).

Customizing Taunts[]

Many aspects of a taunt can be customized, including voice line, sound effect, taunt shape, taunt emote, and pose. These will affect how the taunt looks and sounds when used in-game, and the customizations available to the player all depend on the player's unlocks.

There are also two "preview" buttons. Pressing the play button between sound effects and taunt shape will play the selected voice line and sound effect. Secondly, if the selected character has an alternate costume unlocked, pressing the costume toggle in the upper left will show how the taunt will look if the character has that costume equipped. These buttons are only for preview purposes and neither of them are saved to the save slot.

Only sound effects, taunt shapes, and poses are required for a taunt. Voice lines and taunt emotes are optional.

By default, each character comes with a number of preset taunts saved to the save slots.

  • Pose 1, Generic Line 11 (x5)
  • Pose 6, Generic Line 1
  • Pose 4, Generic Line 14
  • Pose 3, Generic Line 7
  • Pose 5, Generic Line 5
  • Pose 2, Generic Line 8

If the player doesn't have the relevant pose for that character unlocked, the preset taunt will have Pose 1 equipped instead. (This naturally applies to all newly-unlocked characters, since the player cannot unlock poses for a character before unlocking the character.) All preset taunts have the same sound effect (00) and taunt shape (oval), and have no taunt emote equipped.

Uniquely, Tomato & Mimyuu count as two separate characters for the purposes of taunts. Therefore, they can equip 10 taunts each, and they have a character toggle button in the upper right to equip taunts separately. In-game, only the taunts of the currently played character can be used (therefore, the selection will switch to Mimyuu taunts when reviving as Mimyuu, etc).

Using Taunts[]

In-game, taunts can be used from the "Taunts" tab, located on the left of the screen above "Items", and represented by a TauntSelect.png icon. In this menu, the player will be able to select from the 10 taunts equipped to their currently played character. Taunts can be used from this menu at any time, and there will be a 5-second cooldown (8 seconds in public lobbies) before being able to use another one.

When using a taunt, it will appear in the player's corner of the screen, nearby the player's info plate. The taunt will also use all cosmetics the player currently has equipped.

In online play, muting a player in the chat will also mute their taunts. In addition, there is a toggle in the Options under System to blanket enable/disable all taunts.

Taunt Unlocks[]

The poses and voice lines that can be used are based off the player's unlocked poses and voice packs, while the sound effects, taunt shapes, and taunt emotes are unique unlocks to the taunt system.

Sound Effects[]

Taunt Shapes[]

Taunt Emotes[]


  • Characters with 12 poses other than Tomato & Mimyuu will only use their first 6 poses for preset taunts.
  • Tomomo (Casual & Sweet Eater) has unique behavior with her taunts, due to having two voice packs. Namely, voice lines from the Tomomo (Casual) voice pack can only be equipped if a Tomomo (Casual) pose is selected, and voice lines from the Tomomo (Sweet Eater) voice pack can only be equipped if a Tomomo (Sweet Eater) pose is selected.

Update History[]

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V3.9.5
  • Added 4 additional Taunt slots and a paging system for them.
  • Reduced cooldown for Taunts in private lobbies.

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V3.9.3
  • Taunts added.