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This template links to a character page and creates a dynamic hover tooltip with the character's unit card.


In standard writing, the two most common forms below are used. This works with any character that has a unit card.

  • {{Ca|character name}}
  • {{Ca|character name|link text}}
{{Ca|Marie Poppo}} is one of {{Ca|Islay|Islay's}} biggest counters.
Marie Poppo is one of Islay's biggest counters.

For characters with multiple unit cards, use the following names:

Double Unit Card Single Unit Card
Tomato & Mimyuu Tomato Mimyuu
NoName (Normal & Head) NoName NoName (Head)
Tomomo (Casual & Sweet Eater) Tomomo (Casual) Tomomo (Sweet Eater)

Tomomo is a special case, and needs to be formatted depending on context:

Template Result
{{Ca|Tomomo}} Tomomo
{{Ca|Tomomo (Softened)}} Tomomo (Softened)
{{Ca|Tomomo (Unsoftened)|Tomomo}} Tomomo
{{Ca|Tomomo|Tomomo|text|Tomomo (Unsoftened & Softened)}} Tomomo