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Card Rarity

Icon Rarity
Rarity1icon.png Common
Rarity2icon.png Uncommon
Rarity3icon.png Rare

Star Cost per Icon

Icon Price
1star.png 1 star
10star.png 10 stars
Playerstar.png Amount varies

Card Art Illustrator Maximum Number in Deck (Unless stated, Max is 3) Card Pack Symbol

Pack1icon.png Pack2icon.png Pack3icon.png Pack4icon.png Pack5icon.png Pack5icon.png Pack7icon.png Pack5icon.png

Card Name Norma Level Needed for Usage

Icon Card Pack
Lv1icon.png Norma Level 1
Lv2icon.png Norma Level 2
Lv3icon.png Norma Level 3
Lv4icon.png Norma Level 4
Lv5icon.png Norma Level 5

Card Type Card Effect Flavor Text