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Template-info.png Template documentation
This template is used to place a cosmetics infobox on the right side of the screen. This box is colored based on the season number entered.
Dependencies & Related
| name     = (optional, defaults to "{{BASEPAGENAME}}" if blank)
| imgname  = (optional, defaults to "{{BASEPAGENAME}} Icon.png" if blank)
| imgname2 = (optional)
| imgname3 = (optional)
| padding  = (optional, see below)
| season   = 
| required = (see below)
| utype    = (see below)
| patch    = 
| event    = (optional, used in place of patch)
| page     = (optional, changes the link destination of patch/event)
| price    = (Normal star price)
| price2   = (optional)
| price3   = (optional)
| price4   = (optional)
| currency = (optional, defaults to stars if blank)
| special  = (optional, see below)
Season Color
  11         - Green (Non-Seasonal)
  christmas  - Red (Christmas Event)
  halloween  - Orange (Halloween Event)
  valentines - Pink (Valentine's Event)
  blue       - Blue (School Event)
  summer     - Aqua (Summer Event)
  purple     - Purple (Unique Event)
This is used, if needed, to insert blank space above and below the icon image so it's not touching the color borders of the infobox. Not needed if utype is true.
This is used to indicate whether or not a cosmetic is seasonal. Set to Y if seasonal, N if non-seasonal, or YN if some cosmetics groups are seasonal and some are non-seasonal.
Used only for character cosmetics. Indicates the unlock type. Set to I for "Individual Unit" or A for "All Units".
This is used to insert an additional note, such as "Christmas Event Exclusive" or "DLC Required". The note will match the text put into the field.