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The {{DialogueNotice}} template is the base from which other notice templates are constructed. It appears and functions similarly to the {{DialogueRsm}} template, but has less whitespace surrounding the visible edges of the template.

Named parameters

image file name for use on the right, e.g. Face rein 00 00.png
top line text
notice text
(optional) image file name for use on the bottom
(optional) font size of notice text; defaults to 22px


Dialogue R sm.png


This is an example notice! It should be placed at the top of a page unless otherwise specified. You can also link to other pages.
Face rein 00 00.png


  • This template will generally have its right side cut off when viewed on mobile devices. To counteract this, a <div class="nomobile"></div> tag can be used to wrap this template. The tag should be followed by a separate <div class="mobileonly"></div> tag, containing a mobile-friendly version of the notice text.
  • Up to 5 images can be used in the same notice. However, this requires additional spacing below the template to avoid making links unclickable.