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This template creates all of the sub-icons used by the {{Icons}} template. The icon this template generates is selected by a codename from the table below, passed as the template's sole unnamed parameter.

Do not call this template directly. Instead, use {{Icons}}, which automatically places the icon in the correct location on the page.

Name Appearance Category
BaseCard Pack1icon.png
ComCard Pack5icon.png
ExpCard Pack2icon.png
AccelCard Pack4icon.png
MixCard Pack3icon.png
ComCard2 Pack5icon.png
PudCard Pack7icon.png
ComCard3 Pack5icon.png
A-class (This icon has been retired from the wiki)
B-class (This icon has been retired from the wiki)
Dice Default Dice.png Category:Dice
CoopDice Star Devourer Dice.png Category:Co-op Dice
Campaign Campaignicon.png Category:Campaign
Homemark Default Homemark Icon.png Category:Homemarks
Accessory AccessoriesIcon-nb.png Category:Accessories
Color UnitColorsIcon-nb.png Category:Unit Colors
ExtraColor UnitColorsIcon2-nb.png Category:Extra Colors
Glasses GlassesIcon-nb.png Category:Glasses
Costume SuguriWinterSelect.png Category:Costumes
Valentines Fr heart large.png Category:Valentines Collectibles
Summer SummerIcon.png Category:Summer Collectibles
Halloween Hw2019pumpkin.png Category:Halloween Collectibles
Christmas Candy Cane Bow.png Category:Christmas Collectibles