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This template is used for the shop page item listing chart. Using this template displays a box that can have whatever image, price, and link location the player needs to match the in-game shop. All listing are designed to be in the nondiscount price. While displayed below in detail, the user is expected to type this template a single line of text with no enter spaces between segments.
| {{{1}}}        = image name (example: Master 00 00.png)
| {{{2}}}        = name on button
| {{{3}}}        = page button links to link
| {{{4}}}        = currency name (example: Stars, Oranges, Candy, Christmas Wreaths)
| {{{5}}}        = numerical price
| top            = (optional) use negative or positive number to raise or lower image
| cpx            = (optional) set image width
| font           = (optional) set button font - use if text takes more than 2 lines
| back           = (optional) change the normal background (bg-xmas, bg-hw, bg-emote)
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