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This template is used in the specific Versions pages for old versions of 100% Orange Juice!, to provide a collapsible header with references. It is similar to the standard {{VersionCollapse}} template, but provides an additional parameter and removes the distinction between versioned and unversioned hotfixes.
Only versions prior to 1.2.8 should use this template; all other uses should use the standard {{VersionCollapse}} template instead.



header   = header text (Version 1.##, Hotfix #)
name     = unv = A hotfix | tri = A demo version | everything else = Version ###
platform = (optional) name of the platform to which the version was released
date     = date in Full Month, Day with Ordinal indicator, full year (September 10th, 2013)
link     = link to announcement / steam discussion
ref      = reference name (Steam Community - 1.## Hotfix #)
content  = patchnotes


VersionCollapse2 Template

Version 1 was released to Gamepedia on January 30th, 2021.[1]
  • Created this template

The user has to encapsulate any equal (=) signs in the template in brackets ( {{=}} ) to prevent any errors.
The user must include a references header with the appropiate {{Reflist}} at the end of the page.