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Playing As Teotoratta

Teotoratta will not activate encounter panel. Hence, you need to check the maps/field events beforehand to decide if she is viable on that map. (Does a map include a path that the encounter panels are unavoidable? Does it include the field event Battlefield?)

  • A must card for Teotoratta will be Pet Snacks which synergizes well with her hyper. Because it boosts the wild units by +1, you have a greater chance of Beast Witch triggering its effect, and Teotoratta will not require fight them. If other player draws Pet Snacks, they will most likely not use it, which wastes their draw. Pet Snacks can be used in multiple ways: you can hoard Pet Snacks and use it on late game (after the boss is defeated) when other people carry a lot of stars and you own Beast Witch, or you can use it right away to make wild units powerful early so that other players would not benefit gaining wins.
  • Another card to pack with Pet Snacks is Play of the Gods. Other player might use that card to potentially activate Pet Snacks which will benefit Teotoratta.
  • Mimic is another must card to include especially to counter against a mainstream character that possesses power-inflated hyper card (ex. Cook). Alongside, because Teotoratta's hyper is generally weak (Also Teotoratta can't fight with wild units, so opponents holding Beast Witch would not be worth for them), it is very viable choice to counter the characters that has powerful hyper than her.
  • Serious Battle and Reverse Attribute Field are must cards to include for battle. They are very useful if you stepped on the boss panel, or if you get challenged by a bully character such as Star Breakers, Tomomo, or any character with +2 ATK or above.
  • Big Magnum, I'm on Fire!, Rbits, and Rainbow-Colored Circle are useful for Teotoratta to hold simply because of her neutral stats. She can be offensive and defensive depending on what cards she holds. However, it is not recommended to pack these cards in the deck because these cards usually benefits a lot of other characters, and generally other players will include them in their deck.
Playing Against Teotoratta

You should be careful/vigilant of player using Teotoratta especially when she is holding Beast Witch (An icon of Beast Witch will appear surrounding her, and you can see if she holds Beast Witch by hovering on to a player using Teotoratta), and when you are holding a lot of stars. You could give Teotoratta a chance to win if Teotoratta holds her hyper and you get KO'ed from wild unit from an encounter panel.

  • Assuming the field event Battlefield does not exist, Overseer and Oh My Friend are the strongest counter against Teotoratta, rendering Teotoratta's hyper useless.
  • Since Teotoratta generally benefits from using a card, cards that discards Flamethrower and Scrambled Eve will render Teotoratta a neutral character that is an easy target for a bully character.
  • Bad map structure also makes Beast Witch practically useless.

Recommended Cards[]

Standard Recommended Viable

 Pet Snacks
 Play of the Gods
 Serious Battle
 Reverse Attribute Field

 Nice Present
 Portable Pudding
 Big Magnum
 I'm on Fire!
 Rainbow-Colored Circle

Counter Cards[]

Recommended Viable

 Oh My Friend
 Scrambled Eve
 Gift Exchange
 Brutal Prank